iPhone already IS a product- cant be apple trademark


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Now that release of the so-called iPhone is supposedly near, I have to say that it cannot be called an iPhone, even if such a phone were released. Why? Because iPhone is already a product that was released in 1999 by InfoGear. It's basically a huge home phone that connected to the internet, took messages, organized email, and phone calls, without having to own a computer. Based on this, Apple will probably hold off on the release till they can think of a snazzy name, or buy the trademark or something. Here's a picture:



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May 18, 2006
1. apple is creative, and knows their stuff. They already knew about this.
2. If apple wanted to buy the iPhone trademark they already have and made
company since a NDA, to not say anything.
3. Apple is a bunch of creative people, if they couldnt buy the trademark,
then they though of a name already.


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Feb 10, 2004
That may or may not stop them from using it. If the product is not similar enough or not being manufactured anymore they could potentially still use it.

I hope they think of something snazzier than the predictable iPhone anyways. :)