iPhone and Android users talk about DIY

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    Mar 2, 2013
    How an Android user talks about their screwdriver:

    "It has a removable handle, and 36 interchangeable bits which can fit almost every screw ever made, and I can store my spare screws inside the handle, as it is hollow and has a removable lid which is attached by a lanyard. I can also buy spare bits, as they sometimes fall out if it is knocked too hard, but they're widely available. Oh, and they're made of Titanium Molybdenum Cyanophosphate alloyed carbon, but I can get the cheaper chromium steel bits instead if I want – that's what I like about universal hex tips!

    Oh, and one thing that's REALLY clever – if I ever lose it, I can take the bits out and they'll fit right into any other multi-head screwdriver! Genius! Think of all the money I will save :)"

    How an iPhone user talks about their screwdriver:

    “My wife's been moaning at me to put the shelves up for weeks, so I've finally done it.”

    How an Android user talks about their shower:

    “I have a Creda power shower. It has a variety of settings, depending on what mood you're in, and a cool blue LED backlit display and waterproof silicone rubber buttons to select the program you want: 'Pulse', 'Niagara', 'Pulsed-Niagra', 'Rain forest', 'Twist jet' and 'Custom Program 1-10'. It also has replaceable nozzles and you can update the firmware via WiFi, as it's built in. Also, I can pre-heat the oven whilst in the shower, as it's linked to the shower via WiFi-Super-Span connect-X Azure.

    How an iPhone user talks about their shower:

    “Just had a shower, now it's time for work”

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    I actually wouldn't mind having a shower like that. At least with the color changers.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    I'd rather have the Android user's screwdriver and shower. The iPhone user sounds dispassionate about everything in this joke. :p
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    Disappointed? They're indifferent, it isn't even being considered, as these things are (or should be) transparent, not big events.

    It's like Jonathan Ive said about the MacBook: "An indicator should only be visible when it is indicating something, it shouldn't shout 'look how clever we were to solve this problem, in our HUGE struggles as designers!' "

    The best design gives the sense that it wasn't designed at all, like the "Post It" note. These are quotes (near enough) from "Objectified" movie :) Technology aids life - it shouldn't become obvious for it's own sake, and for the sake of the ego of the designer; it should not even be something you have to continuously, consciously consider (like the Gmail app on Android - I considered it SO much, I stopped using it and used the browser-based Gmail instead - it's a piece of rubbish!)

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