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    There are 2 places I frequent often that offer free, open wifi, but I'm not able to get the authentication web page to open. For example, I see the open wireless in the iphone, and connect. Signal strenght is great. Then when I open Safari, I get a message that the page doesn't exist. I have a valid IP and DNS.

    If I use my Macbook pro at both of these locations, safari acts the same way. I have to use Firefox to get the prompt to accept the certificate, then I can proceed to the webpage to accept their terms of use.

    What is Safari not handling on the iPhone and macbook, that Firefox has no problems with on the mac? I never bothered troubleshooting on the mac because I could just launch Firefox and be done, but now with the iphone I have no way to connect.
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    It might not be an issue of Safari not handling something that Firefox is, but perhaps rather that the provider of the free WiFi is detecting which browser is being used to gain access and is limiting that to Firefox (and maybe IE). So it may not be a client-side issue but instead a server-side issue. Check with the WiFi provider and ask them about support for Safari.

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