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    It bothers me that when I email a photo from iPhone to my secret flickr email that exif data is not sent with the photo. This means that the photo doesn't show that it was taken with an iPhone. If I sync back to iPhoto and then upload via other means, the exif data is there and I'm happy.

    My question is whether or not this is Apple's fault for stripping the data in the email or whether Flickr cannot receive exif data via email. Pre-iPhone I used my RAZR to email photos, and I do see that the photos I uploaded via email from those have no exif data either.

    Here are two examples to show what I'm talking about

    Emailed from iPhone
    Uploaded after importation to iPhoto

    EDIT: Other Flickr users have noticed this as well
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    It's not exclusive to the iPhone. I had a sidekick for years. The pseudo-exif data that would be sent was restricted to the time the photo was uploaded (which became the capture time). Lame.

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