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    Jan 13, 2013
    ., .guys, i need your help.,.... :( i want to know if this serial number of iPhone 4 is fake or real., . 80033Y6PA4T .. IMEI # 012430007476737 .. i found this iPhone 4 online and i want to buy it but still thinking of whether to buy it or not it because it might be fake., . i already entered the serial # in this link, https://expresslane.apple.com/Issues.action ,. but it says like this "Our records indicate that this product has been replaced. Please provide the serial number for your replacement product to find the support and warranty coverage information. For more information, please contact us." .. and i don't know what to do to find out if the item i'm about to buy is real or fake., . in additional i also want to find out if the iPad 2 i also want to purchase is fake,. . please help me on how to deal with this,. . :(
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