iPhone and iTunes lost all songs + all purchased songs HELLP!

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  1. abombadz macrumors newbie

    Jan 16, 2011
    I'll start off with the story then ask the question because I believe it will be better understood.

    My boyfriend and I wanted to share music. I own a MacBook and thought it would be a perfect fit to his iPhone. He has never synced his phone with another computer and has ALWAYS bought his music from the iTunes store online through his phone.
    I went ahead and tried to sync his phone to my computer and it said that it had synced and all this music was still on his phone. I tried to take the music off his phone using itunes and click and drag. That didn't work so I downloaded a few programs made to rip music off an iphone to another computer.

    I thought that it hadn't worked with the few programs I had to work with getting the music off. But later I came to find that the music had been pulled off. But it was just a handful (less than .5gbs) of his 6.8 gbs of music... So I tried to open the programs I had used before and looked for the music seeing I thought it had worked some how or another and not showed up.
    NONE of the music was there. I thought it was an easy redo. We would simply go back to the itunes store and pull it out of his purchased file and download them again! The purchased section of his account has two songs in it!

    What can I do to get his purchase list back on itunes istore...
    How can I get them back on his phone without the same issue...

    Please help!!! Cranky boyfriends are NO FUN!!!!

    Thank you!
  2. MissNerdyTalker macrumors newbie


    Nov 8, 2010
    Have you tried to authorize a computer in itunes? Go to itunes then Store menu tab at the top and authorize the computer. You can authorize yourself on 5 computers I believe once you do that it should give you all the things back that you purchased on itunes.

    I recently went from an macbook to an imac and once I authorized itunes to my new imac it gave me all the apps and songs i purchased on itunes.
  3. JamesMB macrumors 68000


    Jan 2, 2011
    Chances are real good that you lost more than just music. If you aren't careful and follow the on screen prompts, you can also loose contacts and apps. iTunes will not let you transfer music from a device to a computer that has never been synced with that device, copyright laws prevent this.

    If the music has been wiped from the phone, and a Spotlight search can't find it on the computer, then the only alternative is to contact iTunes and see if they will make the music available again for download.

    The purchased list that you speak of is a local list, so if it's blank, you won't get it back. I'm sure the iTunes staff has a list of purchased content, but I don't know if they will provide that for you.

    Even if you had the purchased list, you still can't download the previously purchased content without paying for it again, (Copyright Laws) unless you contact iTunes and ask/beg them to make it available for you to download, since you already paid for it.

    If you can find the music on the computer, by doing a search, it is certainly possible to rebuild the music library and get the music into iTunes and back on the device.

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