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    hey all, i have done a bit of searching in the forums and have seen answers all over the place. Here is my situation:
    -4 regular phones + my iphone on family plan
    -X minutes and unlimited family plan texting

    Minutes are obviously not a concern. I have the basic $20 iphone family plan add on. This includes 200 texts. I read on another thread that if i use up my 200 texts that text usage will "roll" into the unlimited causing no overage fees for iphone texting. After being on the phone with an agent it seems that i would have to get an unlimited iphone texting package if i wanted to have unlimited texting on the iphone.

    this doesnt make sense to me as the iphone is part of the family plan. So the question is this: does the unlimited family plan texting cover iphone text usage over the provided 200 text messages?
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    Mar 27, 2008
    I have the same plan as you do. I bought my iPhone at the AT&T store and asked that question too. The agent told me that it is new now that you CAN dip into your family text. That is what I was told two weeks ago.
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    I got my Iphone a few months ago and also have 4 other phones on a family plan. The Sales Reps at the ATT store argued with me that the Iphone was not allowed to go on to the UNLIMITED FAamily texting plan. However when I called CS on teh phone I was told you could and I have had it on my account for 4 or 5 months. It draws my texts from the Family plan. I've never had any extra charges and I've gone over 200 texts myself many times in a month.
    Hope this helps.

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