iphone and water. is this true???

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    hi everyone... short story on my iphone accident:

    i was playing soccer and had my iphone in a bag. Unfortunately it started raining and there was a small opening where water managed to enter. The iphone was just wet, wet enough for water to enter the display and the water sensor to show red.

    At first I had problems because the iphone "thought" that the headphones were present when they were not. After some hours everything started to work perfectly but the water was still under the screen. I am trying to use the bag of rice to get rid of moisture and put it under the lamp and everything else...

    Finally I went to the vodafone people around here and they simply told me that the iphone is out of warranty and not only they are unwilling to replace, repair etc... but that THE IPHONE IS GOING TO DIE ON ME SOON!!! they said that the iphone will continue to corrode and it will start to short etc etc. Does anyone know if this is true??? I was really relieved to see that everything was working fine and these guys really killed my spirit...

    Thanks for any info.
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    The part about the warranty: Very true.
    The part about the corrosion: Somewhat true. Chlorine water usually corrodes components faster, but rain water will rust components if left un treated. It seems as though you've done some steps to eliminate the moisture, and if in fact it is as little water as you say, you may, read: MAY be in the clear. Time will tell.
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    So... I am leaving my iphone in rice whenever I can and the display seems to be loosing some of the water inside. Isnt there any way in which I can further prevent the moisture inside to break my iphone?
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    Without dismantling ?

    Can anyone describe how to lift the back or front off ?

    Rice is ok, but better as a dessicant are Silica Gel crystals. They are usually found in little bags in the packaging of new goods.

    I usually keep a few of these. They should be oven dried from time to time though

    If the rainwater was 'clean', it might not have any adverse effects. 'Clean' water won't conduct electricity but contaminated water does to a varying extent which could cause some electricity to flow where it shouldn't.

    Can the battery be disconnected while you dry the phone, I'm not sure how to access/disconnect the battery but maybe someone else here can help with that.

    Compressed air; there are two schools of thought. One is that it increases contamination to other parts of the phone that were not wet. The other is that it disperses the water over a larger area but much finer such that it does not harm anything.

    Personally I would explore opening the case, disconnecting the battery, using compressed air and finishing with a lengthy spell in a warm environment with silica gel.

    Good luck

    ps how about a rubber 'bung' to cover the headphone socket and multiconnector when not in use?

    I use a very thin rubber skin (with screen protector). If this didn't have the cutouts for the headphone sockets and multiconnector, the phone would be that much better protected against moisture. It's no problem pealing back the skin when I want to use headphones or the multiconnector. Anyone know if there are any skins like this available "

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