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    Nov 6, 2009
    Several days ago, my nephew accidentally pushed over a glass of water and my iPhone happened to be nearby. It caught some water on its screen, but I immediately dried it off, and the iPhone worked just fine for next several days. Then it started freezing and going off, so I took it to the service, but the thought that the earlier water incident caused that didn't occur to me.

    When they called me back, they told me that the iPhone had contact with water and the warranty doesn't fix that. They told me they can only sell me a new one, and can't fix the old one.

    I'm wondering, is that possible that the small amount of water can make the iPhone stop working? I searched these forums and I found the iPhone/water thread which said that the iPhone has the water sensors. I remember the girl from the warranty service told me that it went red, but I haven't given it much thought, until I read that people had accidentally thrown their iPhones into toilets and after drying them, had them working again.

    Mine didn't even stop working after the water incident. I wouldn't even consider that as something terrible if that happened to any non-iPhone phone before, it happened many times, and I just dried the water off.

    If the water didn't make the iPhone stop working immediately, is it possible that some other thing caused the problem for it, and the service doesn't want to fix it, since the water sensor got red? They might have not even opened it, they just looked at the sensor and told me that the warranty is over because of the water sensor.

    I don't have the iPhone with me right now, I'm picking it up tomorrow, but I can't imagine that the water would kill my iPhone so easily, especially that it worked fine for next several days.

    My question is, did you ever have a small water vs. iPhone incident, where it worked perfectly after and you didn't have to dry it with a fan?
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    When you say water did touch it, where did it touch it. It will depend on if any of the water got inside.
    If it got on the back casing, it wont have gone inside.
    But if it got to the dock connector then it would have got to the main board which can cause problems. Also if it got into the headphone jack its a similar story.

    The problem is that water + electronics do not mix and even the slightest amount can kill it. Think of it as shorting a fuse in a plug, but the fuse is actually an internal part of the iPhone's mainboard and is unrepairable.

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