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    Mar 14, 2013
    Hey everyone I need some advice. I bought an iPhone 5 unlocked and have been using it with tmobile. First to finish my contract and for the last 3 weeks on their monthly prepaid service. I can call and text people but they cannot call me or text me, unless they use iMessage. One friend said my line was disconnected. But again, my account is in good standing and paid.

    I was wondering if my phones apn or any other settings maybe at fault. When I got the phone I simply put in the nano sim and began using it and never did anything with the settings. And it worked great, until lately.

    Data works, I receive emails and never have seen a slowdown here. I will be in touch with tmobile soon but I thought I would solicit expert advice first. I also included a screen shot of my phones apn screen. If anyone has advice if I need to do anything, I would appreciate it.

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