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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by mpsnlap, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    My boss wants me to try and write an iphone app for him. Essentially what he wants is an app that college coaches can download so they can go on to it at college showcase tournaments and bring up individual player pages that will have info on that player. I am merely a college comp sci major who has only taken a few programing classes thus far, so my boss appears to have a lot more faith in me then he should! My main questions were these:

    1.) For updating the profile. I want the high school students to be able to go on and update their own profiles, is it easier for them to do it on a website and have the website update the app or for them to update the app using the app? How can this be sent out to all the people who use the app? How do most apps update?

    2.) I was going to store the information in a tree so that when a player name is searched for it will go through the tree until it reaches the appropriate node. How can I store the profile in the node? Is it easiest to list all the information in the node and then call it using a different class that will assemble the profile design for the actual app page? Is using a tree the easiest/most efficient method?

    I hope this makes sense! If you could help me out I would be incredibly grateful!

    Thank you all so much!
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    I'd say your best bet is making a simple web app with an embedded site where the players can update their own information (perhaps just a page with links to players facebook pages). You, of course, would need the internet for this app to work but you could get the entire thing done in a couple of days (and get your boss off your back).
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    I'm with the guy above me. U can do it on a website, ( a special one mobile based.) and then load those in your app, for let's say. a tab bar.

    U can also loop over the names, save them in an array, and then do your "search"
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