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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by brdgolf1, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Jan 16, 2008
    Hello All,

    I would like to introduce you to a new app that has been posted for review. The new app is called Hermes. This app is an extension of the favorites list on the phone app of iPhone. Instead of having a simple text based favorites list, this provides a nice graphical interface whereby your favorites are stored as pictures.

    Take a look at the first attached screen shot. Operation of the app is so simple. To call a favorite, just tap their picture. To edit the name,number and picture of any postiion, just double tap it. To reorder the pictures around, just drag and drop. To change the background just shake the device. All of your settings, names, numbers and pictures are remembered for the next time you use the app.

    If you want to text one of your favorites, just turn the phone sideways. This brings up a sort of Flow view of your favorites. Just drag your finger left and right to select the contact. Then double tap anywhere and it will open up the texting app on the phone with that already there.

    Full address book integration. In order to enter your favorites you can enter the name, number and picture manually or you can just select a contact from your address book.

    Thats it. Very simple to use and much better looking than just a list of names. I would be very interested in any comments about this app and more information can be found at: www.mobilesimplified.com

    BTW: Hermes is the Greek Messenger god, hence the name.

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    Question about number of favorites to have on screen

    Hello All,

    So I am going back and forth about how many Favorites Pictures to make available on the home screen of this app. Currently there are 9, but I could find a way to make it 16. Is 16 too many? Is 9 enough? Should I provide two versions of this app... One version with 9 and another version "Hermes +" with 16? Thoughts and opinions are greatly welcome.


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