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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's broadening of App Store acceptances has opened the door to a number of new novelty applications including InfoMedia's iFart Mobile [App Store]. The $0.99 humor application has rapidly seen success and has rocketed up to the #1 App Sales slot.

Most interesting is that the developer of the app has been very transparent about his sales numbers during his app's climb in ranking.

12/14 - 841 units - #76 overall
12/15 - 1510 units - #39 overall
12/16 - 1797 units - #22 overall
12/17 - 2836 units - #15 overall
12/18 - 3086 units - #10 overall
12/19 - 3117 units - #9 overall
12/20 - 5497 units, - #4 overall

He's since revealed to us the most recent sales numbers for the last couple of days which includes the coveted #1 spot on the App Store's Top 100 sales.

12/21 - 9760 units
12/22 - 13274 units, #1 overall

After Apple's 30% cut, that means the iFart Mobile is generated $9198 in one day.

These sales numbers are especially interesting to developers looking at the potential market for their iPhone apps. From what we've heard from developers, however, these targets do constantly change and have been growing. So app sales for the #1 spot will likely increase over time as the installed market of iPhones and iPod touches continue to increase.

Article Link: iPhone App Store Sales for #1 Spot Revealed


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Sep 30, 2005
Green Bay, WI
I think I can say with great confidence that I never expected an Apple or third-party app centered around flatulence to ever hit #1 in sales.


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Aug 5, 2008
A little less thank 29k in a week, that is a pretty good pull. Maybe that $99 developers license is worth something. Perhaps it is time to ebay for a Macbook.


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Jan 5, 2006
Redondo Beach, California
While $10,000 in one day may sound like a lot. it isn't because it will not continue at that rate for long. The problem here is that with Apps selling for $0.99 there is no budget for "serious" software. "real" software is very expensive to make. It takes a team of people months and years to write and all the while you are paying them a middle class wage. and payroll taxes and insurance and rent of the office and so on. In fact you don't get much software written for $1,000,000.

I don't see any way that a developer would invest multiple man years of labor in an iPhone app.


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Jun 29, 2007
Not to beat a dead horse but this is what's wrong with the store...what incentive is there for anyone to create a quality app when people hack together stupid apps like this and they make number 1? I'm happy for the guy but honestly this is not helping the iPhone community, pretty soon the only apps on the store will be apps like this and then Apple will be hurting because they will have lost their "adult" base to more mature platforms.


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA


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Sep 23, 2005
What an inspirational movie this guy's life would make. He overcomes initial obstacles (rejection from the app store) to eventually the good word spreads and the fruits of his labor climb the ladder and become number 1. It will inspire millions.


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Jun 19, 2006
So SimCity, currently the number two app and selling for $9.99, is probably making, like, $120,000 a day then? That seems pretty decent to me!
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