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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Tom Sawyer, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Tom Sawyer

    Aug 29, 2007
    I have been queried on the possibility of developing a simple iPhone app for marketing purposes for XYZ company. This app would hit a static URL that contained a flash anim (but I'm guessing that would not be possible to play without major work) or a quicktime movie. The app would only do this, just hit that url and show the content. I think the 'viewer' aspect of this would be simple (assuming qt would be the only viable option due to no flash support) but would this be something that Apple would even publish to the store (for free download)?

    Greatly appreciate any thoughts and pointers (as far as Apple policy) for this type of app.

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    If you knew anything about Apple iPhones or iPod Touches you should know that they DO NOT show any flash content..... Have you ever gone to a flash site on your iPhone? Apple refuses to let Adobe release a flash player for our devises, until then, don't do anything in flash, big waist of your time...

    P.S, It REALLY annoys customers to have an App that just takes them to a webpage! That's one thing App's should not "just" be.. It's boring, stupid and only used by people who can not be bothered to make any kind of decent content for there App! You will get terrible reviews, TRUST ME!
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    Completely aware that flash is not supported on the iPhone... mainly using that as an example of what the customer is asking for.. Apple & Adobe will most likely stay in a deadlock on that issue. Again, just using as an example of what they are asking for.

    This is not going to be something that they want to sell etc.. purely a marketing thing. And I agree... lame to just send someone to a web page. If this is something they decide they really want to pursue, I would think it should be at least a 'real' app that is basically a browser that shows one url (or a media player for a qt movie that shows one movie, hitting 1 url). and not just launch a url in Safari. No doubt this is boring from an app standpoint, but again their idea is purely marketing.. "Go download our iPhone app..." type deal.
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    If all the app does is launch a URL from within Safari, it may even be rejected by Apple due to limited usability.

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