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    Dec 25, 2011
    I got my iPhone today and put a password on immediately. However, I then managed to somehow forget the password after using it a number of times to work the iPhone (iPhone4).

    I set the password before i had synced the iPhone to iTunes and i am unable to complete a simple restore which is a mistake by me after having iPods that had broke in the past!

    I am booked into the Genius Bar in the Apple Store at 10am tomorrow and I am wondering if they will be able to restore/fix it there and then? As well as wanting to know how much is roughly going to cost me?

    I have the confirmation of the purchase, the serial number all items that prove that the iPhone has been bought and not stolen which is an obvious problem when people want an iPhone restored when the password has been forgot, but all of the documents i have show that the iPhone has been bought in case anybody was cynical about my post.

    Can anybody answer my questions? Thanks! :eek:
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