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    Hi there, I've been using my dad's iTunes account since I was a kid, but have recently become of credit card age and am trying to move on from using his stuff. So I've decided to make my own iTunes account. The problem is I've bought quite a few apps, that I'd rather not buy again! So my question is: if I were to buy apps on my new account could I use apps bought from both accounts on my one phone, or would I have to re-buy them all if I wanted to use my new account? Thanks in advance!
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    Aug 24, 2010
    I'm in sort of the same situation and also need help. I'm using a 3gs and now my wife's getting iphone4 and i'd like to transfer my apps to her phone. OK easily done via backup/restore but I'd like use my account to download the apps "fresh" to her phone (games starting from point zero etc.). Now after downloading all the apps with my account to her phone can she start her own account and still use the ones from my account? How does itunes react to this when there are purchaces from another account than the one she is syncing her phone?
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    You're kind of stuck.

    The opposite works..my wife and I combined our iTunes purchases when we got married and everything worked out fine. But there's no good way to split things up.

    Apple really needs to hurry up with a solution for this. There are MILLIONS of kids going to college who have had iPods for a few years now. Your story is likely going to be more and more common each year. iTunes really needs a 'split into another account' function.

    Here's hoping they figure this out soon. You should do 2 things:

    1) http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html
    Suggest this feature. Tell all your friends to suggest it too.

    2) Contact iTunes support and explain the situation and ask if you can be given these apps for free on your new account and say you'll be erasing them from your dad's account.

    I have NO idea if they'll do it, but just like #1, this is another way of making Apple aware of the fact that this is a problem. Even if they say 'no,' at least you're adding to their number of people who have asked for this.

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