Iphone apps to be modified for other itunes account


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Nov 16, 2011
Hey Mates! (I'm obviously from overseas ;-)

I am planning to move to the USA in a couple of months (applying for a work permit...), and I have this issue with iPhone apps. It's more of an iTunes matter though, but I could not find an apropriate forum.

I have currently one UK account and an US account for facebook, the latter having been used essentiay while films were not availae on iTunes Europe.

I seem to have only two choices, change the country location from uk to us - but I have no us credit card :/

Therefore, in order not to losse all of my 800+ apps (some of which were lretty expensive, is it possible to modify part op the IPA file (or any other applicabe) relating the files i bought with the uk account to the us account? If so, does this require me to "jailbreak" my iphone? (and other idevices)

Or does anyone have another idea on this problem, as I have been searching very much on the internet tonight (like 4 hours and no success :(

I would be really really happy if someone could find a way to transfer all my apps to my us account, or any other thing in that direction - or indicate a way to change country in the store without the need for a usa credit card, pretty please :)

Thanx so much,



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Apr 16, 2008
At the iPhone hacks section.
The best and easiest way is to get a US credit card. You can find prepaid ones everywhere.
The other not so legal way involves JB your iphone and then you can only use those hacked IPA's on a JB iphone with Appsync installed.
And its a long and not simple process to strip the protection on over 800+ apps.


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Feb 15, 2009
Toronto, Canada
Just buy iTunes cards for US or UK. You can use both stores you just have to manage two accounts (and switch between them when necessary.)
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