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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Delorean2006, May 1, 2014.

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    Hi! I have been using my iPhone a lot more recently as my dedicated GPS, i honestly prefer it over my TomTom, well because the maps are a lot more updated and also because the voice goes through my car's speakers because of bluetooth. I want to know what kind of hit would this do to my data plan, I have a 10GB data plan and I only use around 2GB a month on average and I do have a car charger, so what would the data hit be? i only use the GPS 1-2 times a month but for a long trip what kind of hit would that be and also can anybody recommend a good car dock, I already have a suction cup on the dash and I do not want to use an air vent car dock only because the vents are such a strange shape that it would almost impossible to fit a phone there, i know i may sound redundant but I just want some advice, thanks! and oh yeah i have a 5S if that makes any difference
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    Few megabytes to load maps. Once you set destination, the actual voice/map guidance don't use data
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    really? i actually never knew that, damn! Im definitely going to start using my phone a lot more then, i truly like the interface that much more on apple maps and google maps a lot more then my tom-tom, its not like its 4-5 years old, its only a year old but its just terrible
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    I used Maps/my iPhone as my GPS for two trips, 22 hours round-trip each. I also used my phone/data for web browsing, etc. during that one month. I have a 2GB data limit, and have not hit it.
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    With a 10GB data plan you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    A few megs? More like under a meg for most GPS itineraries. The only time you start using a lot more data is if you use satellite view, which is unnecessary.

    Google is similarly efficient.

    If you miss your TomTom, there is a TomTom app in the App Store for $30-$50. It has all the data local just like your real TomTom and a similar interface. It will work perfectly even if you have zero data coverage. I own this app but don't normally have it installed because it uses about 2GB of space on the phone, but if I go on a long road trip I will install it before I go so I have GPS maps even if no data coverage. (I actually bought it several years ago, before there were other options for turn-by-turn on iOS)
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    I have this app also and rarely ever use it anymore. It does work good if needed tho. Apple maps integrate straight in with the browser which i generally get the address from.
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    I've used navigon on my iPads for 3 years now. Load your maps on wifi at home before you leave and you won't use any data.
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    Yep hes correct. Annoyingly enough its very easy for me to prove that fact.

    With a CDMA iPhone (Verizon/Sprint) you can't do talk and data and when I'm driving using Apple maps navigation and talking (via bluetooth) it will keep on navigating. However if I deviate from my route it will try to reroute and not be able to until I end the phone call.

    Anyway point being data usage is pretty small unless like mentioned you are in satellite view and then its uses quite a bit of data.

    You can always experiment for yourself. Goto Settings > Cellular. Reset it then start using navigation in your daily travels, then check Setting > Cellular > Maps and it will tell you how much data you used. With some simple math you should get a pretty good idea of how much data it uses.
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    I don't think you need to worry all at all. For my previous job, I had to drive 200 miles a day to and from work, four days a week. I turn my GPS on ALL the time. Not because I don't know the way, but GPS like Waze can tell you information on police head, object head, car on the side of the road, and most importantly traffic to avoid. I have also gotten into the habit of using GPS every where I go, again, just to avoid traffic and such.

    I can tell you that I have never in a single month broken 2.5GB of data usage on cellular. As far as I can tell, these things use very little amount data (the data usage quoted above also includes my normal usage).

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