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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Stang68, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am looking to hopefully buy an iPhone when the new one comes out but I have one problem. I have Verizon. My dad doesnt want me to switch because "the service is crap" and "then we will get charged minutes because you're not in Verizon anymore when we talk to each other". That is a valid claim but I wanted to see what everyones plans are. Like how much you are paying and what do you get? If you dont want to make what you are paying public, that is totally fine. Only post if you are comfortable with it.

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    Erm, aren't the iPhone plans right on the website? Or if you want prices inclusive of service charges and fees, it would probably be informative to know what state you live in. ;)

    My impression is right now, AT&T isn't negotiating official iPhone plans, even for long-term users -- you have to jailbreak it and use an unsupported plan if you want a better deal (although you're not a long-term AT&T user anyway).
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    Apr 20, 2008
    Ask yourself this: What days and times do you talk to your family on the phone?

    I was in a similar position that you are. Most of my friends and family are with Verizon and I stayed with them for so long because of that. When I thought about it though, I mainly talked to my family on the weekends (free anyway) and during the day I was mainly text messaging friends since talking on my cell phone at work all day is probably not a good idea. Also, I had a lot of daytime minutes left over every month.

    In the end I realized that switching carriers wasn't going to be a problem with minutes for me. You might find consider that as well when talking to your dad (I suggest calling him on the weekend to further your point).

    As for the bad coverage, I can't help you there.

    Good luck.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    "Their service is crap" all depends on what part of the country. All I can tell you is that AT&T is pretty good in the South.

    I have a family plan with 550 minutes, but my parents for some reason won't use their stupid phones more than 15 minutes a month. Yes, it is really annoying, but what are you gonna do with baby-boomers? I have never used even the 450 I had on the individual plan (the $39.99 one) except for when I loaned it to my mom when her mother was in the hospital.

    You have to talk to a lot of people to burn up 450 minutes/month. Also, AT&T has free nights & weekends (starting at 9 p.m. for nights, 9 p.m. Friday for weekend), free calls to other AT&T mobile phones, and rollover minutes. I have about 3,000 rollover minutes from a year or so of use.

    So yeah, you'll get charged with minutes. But how many do you use every month? If you use about 400 anytime, you should be fine on AT&T. As far as cost, It's about $65 for an individual iPhone plan with 450 minutes and the data after all the taxes and fees.
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    Thanks for the replies guys! You all make a bunch of sense that I can pass on to my dad haha. I looked on the Apple iPhone page and their rate for $60 a month is 450 minutes and 5000 nights and weekends. Idk why it isnt unlimited nights and weekends but i think 5000 is a lot anyways. And as one of you said, I text more than I talk! And additional texting can be added, so this might be good for my case to my dad.:p Thanks again!

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