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    Jan 22, 2009
    Hi Everyone!

    Apple can't seem to help me with this one!
    Note: I am synching with a 7 month old Dell lap top xp home OS and a nearly new 3G with the latest Itunes installed on both.
    An update over a previous version of itunes has resulted in my no longer getting a pop up AUTORUN screen asking me how I would like to download my photos. I am not able to completely remove all traces of Itunes, Apple Mobile Support, Iphone, Bonjour, Quicktime, Apple Software Update and whatever else that I can’t see that prevents me doing a new clean install of Itunes 8.02.
    I have even tried a deep clean uninstaller!
    I have contacted Dell and my computer is just fine and all my drivers are up to date.
    I have contacted my local computer expert and he has seen the identical problem on another customer’s computer and after trying everything that I have tried he was only able to get it all working by reformatting and reinstalling the OS and everything else—very expensive.
    I have spent hour with itunes help; they are very nice but can not help.
    The symptom of this problem is that when you plug your Iphone in to your PC the audible is a won’t connect: instead of going "da doot" it goes "ding ding"! You would have to have a pc with xp to appreciate this.
    With all my other PC’s I get a pop up that asks what program would I like to use to download my photos from my Iphone.
    On the afflicted PC ( the Dell Laptop) :apple:it defaults to Itunes as my only option.
    With the Iphone connected my Device Manager indicates “ Digital Still Camera” with windows drivers for that device.
    I have tried removing the driver and letting the iphone reinstall but it won't and I just get the windows driver back.
    If I synch my Iphone with Itunes the photos will go to the Itunes but this is not an option that I enjoy as I want to download the photos to my other photo programs so that I can manage them as I like. I usually choose Adobe Photo Shop.
    I do not get the Auto play window and You know that I should.
    I get it with my other computers!
    Let me be very clear, here:
    1. This is an Apple problem. It is not unheard of and will become publicized.
    2. We suspect that it has something to do with a remainder piece that is blocking Auto Play.
    3. Please find the fix for this. I do not want to wipe clean my entire hard drive.

    Help is much appreciated and if I get this figured out, I won't just close the thread and go on my merry way--I promise to supply my story and my fix to one and all.

    Don McDermott
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    Mar 18, 2008
    Bracknell UK
    What happens if you go to control panel and open "Scanners and Cameras". Is the iphone there? If it is, what do you get when you double click it?
  3. donmcdermott thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 22, 2009
    iphone autorun pop up is gone.

    Sorry to take a while to get back to you but when my iphone is connected
    the device listed in device manager is "still camera" which means that the only drivers that xp can see are the default windows drivers for a digital camera.
    It does not see iphone as such and yet every other computer sees iphone--so there must be a left over remnant that tells my computer not to see the iphone drivers that usually are detected upon connection.
    With the iphone unplugged I don't get any camera or the iphone in the list of devices.

    This is an apple problem and computer gurus are telling me that the only way around it is to reformat my hard drive. I use my computer constantly for work and really can't afford the time to reformat and reinstall all my stuff.

    There must be somewhere that I can reactivate the auto run without a complete reformat and clean download of itunes 8.02.

    Thanks for asking

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