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    Jun 29, 2010
    Note: I've realized I wasn't being very clear, so I've edited this for clarification.

    Hi everybody!

    I have an iPhone backup question. I use Entourage for my mail rather than Apple’s address book, so iTunes doesn’t back up my contacts. I’ve spoken with customer support at Apple and have been told that it would be impossible to do this via iTunes. I was told to find a third party app that will allow me to backup data such as contacts which are not connected to the Address Book, SMS conversations AND that will allow me to restore them back onto the phone. So far, the only programs that I’ve found are either for PCs or will backup data from the phone but won’t allow me to restore the data. As I know you all are so tech savvy, I would appreciate any recommendations for software that would solve the problem.

    Thanks so much for all of your help! I'd certainly appreciate it!
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    Is this a joke? iTunes will do what you want (backup the iPhone and sync media and restore the backup to the iPhone and sync media).

    Also, why aren't you syncing to Address Book. That makes no sense.
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    First connect your old iPhone to iTunes. Rename is something to keep the Backup's name different. Such as u4ea's iPhone 3G. Click the sync button or two finger click the iPhone in devices and tell it to backup. Let it backup. Connect the new iPhone and rename it u4ea's iPhone 4. This helps keep the backups separated, so you know which one to use. Two finger, or right click, the new iPhone under devices and tell it to restore using a backup. Presto, all notes, contacts, texts, everything.


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