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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vhl71, Mar 5, 2018.

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    I know it’s a stupid question. Anyway I’ll ask
    Is there a way to automatically set my iPhone X backup to OneDrive instead of iCloud? I’ve a OneDrive business account where I get 1TB space. So I don’t want I use the default 5gb available in iCloud.
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    No, there is not.

    You could make a backup to iTunes, find the backup and then upload THAT to OneDrive.
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    If you do transfer your backup to OneDrive, make sure to note the location before moving, as well as creating an encrypted backup.

    With iTunes backup or iCloud backup for the phone, you won't have multiple backups like you would if you used a program like iMazing. Hence, the space requirement for your iPhone is going to be relatively low.
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    Create a hard link to your iTunes backup folder and move files in that folder to your OneDrive for business storage. And don’t forget to create an encrypted backup.

    I have OneDrive for business as well but I also buy iCloud storage 50GB. Right now what I am doing is to periodically offset photos taken from iPhone to OneDrive for business so that I have more space on my iPhone for Better things than just photos.

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