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    My hard drive that contained the windows partition died on me today so a new hard drive is now on its way. Problem is I will have to do a fresh install of windows when i receive the new hard drive. Is it possible to sync all my apps (148) to the new copy of windows with a new installtion of itunes. I dont have a backup of itunes and it will be a pain if i have to re downloaded all my apps. Also what about the other stuff such as contacts, videos, music, ringtones etc? Will all these get wiped when i sync with the new install of itunes?
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    To get the apps to iTunes, right click the iPhone in iTunes and select transfer purchases.

    Your stuff will all get wiped if you sync.

    To prevent this, get Sharepod, which can be used to get your Music, ringtones, and pics to your computer (I believe it also does Movies).

    Then backup your iPhone in iTunes.

    Sync contacts to Outlook or if you have to Windows Address Book (or the equivalent on Vista). You can sync Calendar and Notes to Outlook, which is why it's best to have Outlook. If something goes wrong, you can restore from a backup and get Contacts, Calendar, Notes and even texts back (also app settings and game saves). Also, getting Funambol is a smart thing to get for your iPhone, so you can sync contacts online, so you always have a copy no matter what.

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