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    Apr 4, 2013
    Hi guys, I have just arrived home from holiday with my jailbroken iPhone 4, all the videos and pics were great but after some messing about I restored the iPhone to factory settings thinking that the videos wld be in the cloud. I have now reconnected but only get limited photos and no vids, I have tried to go back into my earlier backups but it only seems to restore a limited amount of photo and no vids at all. I have Time Machine backup connected but wouldn't know how to find the backup and whether it wld have the vids, PLS HELP!
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    A simple Google search would have given you the following information.

    If you are backing up to iTunes, your photos and videos on the camera roll should have been backed up to ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/. You can check there in your Time Machine backup.

    If you are backing up to iCloud, you only get 5GB of free storage for camera roll items (and other things). So it's possible not everything on the camera roll was backed up.

    Do you use Photo Stream? If so, your latest pics and videos would be there since Photo Stream doesn't count against your 5GB backup limit (although there is the 1000 photo/30 day limit). Assuming, based on your name, that you have a MacBook Pro, all your Photo Stream items would be there with no storage limits.

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