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    Aug 5, 2014
    How come in iTunes under automatic backups I need to select EITHER backup to iCloud OR backup to my computer? Why can't I automatically backup to both? It would be nice to have a cloud backup as well as a local one, especially since the local is a complete backup and the cloud one isn't. I realize I can manually backup to my computer whenever I want, but I still don't see why the automatic backups need to be an either/or situation.
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    Might be nice, but just wasn't designed that way since most users may not want to wait for two backups to complete (or care to have both). Backups seem to be much faster now, but there was a time that they were sloooooooow in iOS 7/iTunes 11. Also consider that some people keep massive amounts of photo & video in their Camera Roll, which has to get backed up each time. It's better to keep Camera Roll slim, and sync back the things you want or use iCloud, but the pack-rat/lazy/ignorant let Camera Roll swell to several GBs over years of use.

    But I agree, having a choice in the matter would be great, but I don't mind manually backing up to iCloud once in awhile.
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    if i have my iPhone and my iPad set to automatically backup to itunes . and i have wifi sync enabled, isn't it supposed to back up my iPhone when i plug it in to the charger??? it never seems to backup at home unless i click on the backup button on itunes.

    ill charge it every day let it sit, and then come back to itunes and find out for the last week it never attempted one backup

    i have a feeling that automatic backup to itunes over wifi is no longer an actual feature.

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