Iphone battery dying before reformat complete

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    Apr 27, 2010
    was given an iphone 32gig by a pal recently as he got a new one. he did the full erase on the iphone before he gave it to me but he did not fully charge the iphone before doing so. i am trying to restore the phone but. I plug the phone into the wall charger and press the power and home button at the same time. the battery symbol with the lightening symbol comes up with a red bar indicating v little power left for a few mins and then the phone starts to reboot. the silver apple symbol comes up with the spinning wheel symbol. But before the reboot fully happens the iphone power dies again and restarts to charge for a few minutes and then tries to reboot. it never reboots fully. have also tried it when attached to my PC with the USB cable. Can anyone please help?? i'm desperate to get the iphone up and running but at the moment it looks like i will not be able to. is the iphone completely dead and beyond fixing? Appreciate all and any help anybody can provide.
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    Restart the phone in DFU mode (Plug your phone into iTunes, and press and hold sleep/wake and home for exactly 10 seconds (no more, no less, even if the apple sign shows up) and the screen should stay off and iTunes should say it recognized a phone in recovery. then restore normally. If the phone shows the plug into iTunes instead of keeping the screen off, try it again, and MAKE SURE ITS FOR EXACTLY 10 SECONDS recovery and DFU are different
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    Just leave the phone plugged into the wall charger while the phone is off.

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