iPhone Battery Issues...I think

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Salukipilot4590, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    Long time iPhone dreamer, new user.

    I've got the phone all set up with apps and e-mail yet my battery seems to only last about 4-5 hours with normal use (Texting, checking e-mail and weather apps (PilotWiz, Delay - Airport Status) and my RSS feed app).

    Something else happened last night. My girlfriend went to restart the phone since the internet wasnt working right (I've had that problem from time to time) and when it came back on it said that I needed to connect the phone to iTunes. I turned the phone off and back on and it powered up fine but a message popped up telling me my phone was activated. Random, im using 2.2.1 and its not jailbroken.

    The most recent thing to happen was this morning... I was surprised to find that my battery was holding a charge remarkably well while I was texting only to restart and be told that I only had 10% remaining. While I was in my car trying to use my car charger (This thing is a whole other story) I checked the usage, 5:20 standby and 4:10 of usage.

    Now on to my car charger...I have this model:



    I know its not an official "Apple" product or anything but when I have my phone plugged into this thing it keeps bouncing from charging to "ON CAR POWER" to battery power. Imgaine hearing that chime every 1/4 second while using your bluetooth! The funny thing is...my gf's iPhone charges and works fine using the same dock in my car.

    I'm totally puzzled as to what I should do.

    Have I just been the unlucky guy with all the quirks? :confused:

    (Forgive any typos...I'm using a "dell" desktop keyboard while I'm used to my Razer Lycosa!)
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    Ok...here are the steps you need to take to test your battery.

    Do not use your car cradle anymore until the test is done.

    First, remove all 3rd party apps.
    Second, Using only the pre-installed apps, allow your battery to completely discharge until the iPhone shuts off.
    Third, recharge and watch normal operations for 6 hours without adding any 3rd party apps.
    Fourth, Only add one 3rd party app one at a time every six hours until you determine what app and/or device is causing your battery to discharge abnormally.
    Use MemoryInfo or similiar app to determine battery % and/or apps that are staying active in background.

    These troubleshooting steps will get your battery/life status back to at least one charge every 48 hours.

    Good Luck

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