iPhone Battery Life...so far....

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    Oct 24, 2004
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    Curious how everyone's battery life is going with their Jesus Phones. I've notice mine has dropped quite a bit, seems after the update it has been getting shorter. I've followed recommendations to extend life, although not right away. I've only had my iPhone since a few days after the price drop. My typical daily use is check email manually about 3-4 times a day via WiFi (rarely via edge) and don't use YouTube more than a 10 minutes per week. WiFi and BT are off most of the time, only when I need them. I use maps 1-2 times a week via edge. Not too much SMS either. iPod use is fairly low too. Call time is about 5.5 hours lifetime. Edge data is about 61 MB total. Basically a low to moderate user. I only charge when the battery gets very low. Never hacked it or use "non-approved" accessories either. I'm not sure if I have a bum battery or phone or if it's something else.

    So what are your usage patterns and battery life looking like? Is there any easy way to monitor battery statistics?

    Thx mucho!
    TTE :)
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    Feb 4, 2007
    Just wondering if the battery can be replaced..since at the begining ppl said you cant replace the battery on the iphone which sucks.

    however, im sure they would fix this on the iphone 2, it there is one coming out next year.

    My usage seems fine.It goes into standby mode most of the time and i just unlock it to use.
    but i do notice that sometimes the battery drops quite a bit like after listening to couple of songs etc.

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