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    Hi all
    I completely drained my battery this morning, and took it off full charge at 854am it was at 100%. I have had 3G switched off, and when did use the internet, used it on wifi. Not for too long though. I have used phone for about 30 mins or so, on phone calls, and just general browsing and been sending sms etc. My battery level now (22.36) is 15%.

    battery information below:

    usage: 6 hours 38 mins
    standby: 13 hours 44 mins.

    does this seem right?
    its an iphone 4 btw
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    There is absolutely no way for someone else to really know. There are way too many variables at play including your signal strength. As long as you get an average of 5+ hours a day, that is what Apple cause a good battery.
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    Those numbers are normal-- nothing to worry about.
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    If you are on 4.3 or 4.3.1 there are some good tips here:


    This is what helped me:

    1.Turn off Ping: Settings-General-Restrictions- turn off Ping.

    2.Sign out of Appstore through Settings, seems to have constant connection while ON.

    3.Turn Notifications OFF

    4. Set mail to Manually check.

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