iPhone Bricked after plugging into iPod HiFi


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Apr 16, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
Was at a store, decided to test the audio quality of the iphone through the iPod Hi Fi on the desk. PLugged it in then instantly lines appeared on my screen, the video flickered, then the scren just flashed black and white, I quickly removed the iphone and then it died. Won't reset,
Won't plug into mac and be noticed.

After plugging it in it went blank and hot VERY HOT.

Living in NZ, with my boss purchasing the phone for me while he was at the FileMaker Dev Con less than a week ago, mean I will have to send back to America for repair and prob pay a shipping fee :(

Have any of you had this problem with iPod Hi Fi?


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Sep 6, 2003
that's terrible! i'm sorry to hear about what happened to your iphone. :(

i have an ipod hifi, and i've plugged my iphone into it with no problems. maybe there was a defect in the hifi at that store?

lesson: don't plug your iphone into anything that isn't yours. ;)

you should contact apple about how to get your iphone repaired. and shipping it may well be part of what you need to pay (in addition to the repair itself) - i hope you're not really surprised by this - you did, after all, buy an item that is currently for sale in the u.s. only... :confused:


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Apr 16, 2006
Wellington, New Zealand
I think that you should tell the store and maybe they'll replace it.
I am almost certain it was some issue with my iPhone only as we plugged in a couple ipods into the hi fi straight after to test the Hi FI and it was fine. There must have been some mechanical issue with my phone.

I Called apple. I have Air freighted the iPhone back to the San Francisco Apple store where it was purchased and they are going t send it in for repair. I think they should just send me a replacement since I purchased the phone and it died within 7 days. Ohh well whatever happens I just want a working phone back. UNlike most people not in the US who got an iPhone, I need mine for testing the iPhone web interface for my database system.


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Jul 25, 2007
Could it be a U.S. (current intended market) vs. European electrical standard issue? It sounds like your iPhone was "fried", so perhaps the iPhone being U.S. was plugged into a Euro version of the Hi-Fi, and voila, fried iPhone.

Just a thought.


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Jul 1, 2007
Sherman Oaks
Sounds like crossed pins and a dead short. If you bent the pins by accident shoving it in or earlier before putting it in the HiFi that would cause it. Could be a bad wiring in the iPhone. Hopefully for you it is the latter. Good Luck!!


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Jul 23, 2008
iphone dead

i have an iphone 1.1.3 and itunes 7.6.
my iphone has gone blank.
whenever i try to switch it on only the silver apple logo appears and it goes nowhere from there.
my phone went this way when i was downloading a software thru the installer.
help me as to what i should do.
also is it safe now for me to download the new version 1.1.4 from apple.com thru the itunes ver 7.6


Jul 11, 2008
I've had no problems with my iPhone and iPod HiFi.

Apart from "This Accessory Does Not Support Charging"
I though atleast the Apple branded speakers would charge it like it used to my iPod :(
Suppose that what you get when apple would rather forget they ever made the product!