iPhone bricked itself, then unbricked itself...sort of

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by earnjam, Jul 23, 2008.

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    So yesterday morning my iPhone was acting pretty buggy (seems to be a common side effect of the new firmware). Programs were crashing, somethings were not loading correctly, etc. Then all the sudden when I was trying to open an app, the whole phone just crashed back to the homescreen for about 2 seconds, then rebooted itself.

    When it came back on it was on the stupid "Connect to iTunes" screen. It had successfully bricked itself. I'm not sure what happened, but it wouldn't let me do anything. I powered it down and back on. No luck.

    So I did a hard restart and the homescreen came back up (after a VERY long time) and it managed to activated itself, but at this point, none of my 3rd party apps would work. Any of the default apps loaded fine, but if I opened any 3rd party app, it would crash to the homescreen before the program could load completely.

    All this after I had been using it fine the day before and I hadn't made any changes to it or anything.

    So I went home after work and did a restore and that seemed to work. Then while restoring from a backup from 2 days before, it hung at about 95%, so I just undocked it.

    Now it seems to be working ok, but I thought that was a pretty strange series of events considering there had been no change between when it was fine and when it wouldn't even power on.

    Anyone else seen their phone brick itself on the fly like this?
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    when i first upgraded to the 2.0 firmware, the same thing happened to me. one startup showed the connect to itunes screen, and restarting it returned the phone back to normal. with crashing apps and laggy texting on top of all that, i decided to restore the phone fresh and not from a backup. it seems to run a little better, but that might just be me. overall, though, the phone is working just fine (non 3g model).

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