iPhone Bugs. Flaws & Wishlist (add to it!)


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Jun 30, 2007
iPhone Bugs, Flaws & Wishlist


-song title shows up on lock screen when song is not playing
-inability to lock screen you're currently on while keeping it visible
-inability to Sync wirelessly through Airport
-inability to choose day to start week on in Calendar like you can do in iCal
-inability to use an aiff or mp3 file as a voicemail greeting
-inability to use an AIFF or MP3 file as a Mail notification like you can currently do in Mail in Mac OSX 10.4.10
-inability to view companies in Contacts list when contact person is filed with company
-inability to rearrange order of World Clock cities
-inability to rearrange order of Weather cities
-inability to create custom mailboxes in Mail
-iPhone should have a sync button as well so user can Sync from iPhone
-In Calendar, repeating events should not show up on days prior to current day
-In Calendar, ability to "swipe delete" a message in list and month view
-In Photos, ability to simply rotate a photo
-typing a message on MySpace is a nightmare because of the inability to scroll in a text window within a page. try it.
-inability to move events in Calendar
-idea to have left-handed based iPhones
-inability to email or surf web during a phone conversation
-AT&T’s EDGE cellular network: "pretty slow"
-Making calls can be a 6 step process if phone is off.
-when syncing iPhone to iTunes while your iPhone has Passcode feature turned on, the Sync In Progress screen on iPhone does not appear during the sync; instead the Passcode screen appears during the sync. I don't think this should happen. The iPhone should say Sync In Progress instead.
-just halfway decent internal speakers for listening if you set the thing down
-iPod games are not compatible with iPhone?
-No way to copy/paste or highlight text, are you kidding? Every smartphone does this.
-Voice call quality good, but not great
-Can't record video, are you kidding? Basically every phone does this today.
-Songs can't be set as ringtones yet
-can’t download songs or movies from itunes directly from phone
-memory is not expandable, No SD card slot
-no GPS, but close
-no SmartTyping for Safari, for looking up contacts, and just in general the phone doesn’t remember what you’ve typed in the past. It’s not smart at all in that regard.
-No Microsoft Office, no “Significant” 3rd party apps
-Isn’t the speaker & mic on BOTTOM of phone pretty useless when in dock? Don't know about this one.
-iPhone’s internet should run on AT&T’s fastest web technology, NOT EDGE
-“true” world phone? Close.
-8GB is an amazing accomplishment for a phone, but a huge downfall in “iPod world” when iPods are up to 80GB and counting now
-"runs on Mac OS X" is a pretty much false, can’t install or open OSX apps, can't store/save files or edit, no folders, it’s a very limited version of OS X, it’s not “OS X”
-Calculator should have sounds for typing numbers like keyboard does
-inability to delete all Trash messages at once (Empty Trash)
-In Mailbox window, each folder should show message count
-in Mailboxes window, user should be able to swipe finger on Trash row and then press Empty button on far right (just like user can swipe to delete a message in Inbox)
-inability to video chat like in iChat
-Settings for other apps missing (Calendar, SMS, Maps etc..)
-in Settings, Mail should come after Phone if you want to keep in order of home screen
-wallpaper should still show at approx 50% opacity when iPhone is charging
-when user is faced with a text line that is too long for iPhone’s screen, for example, a long email Subject entry, it should either give user more lines or give user a pop-up box showing all the text
-need backspace button desperately
-when selecting a Safari bookmark it should open as a new page or give you the option to
-inability to control-click a Safari link to open link as a new tab or page
-keeping your finger on back or forward button should give user sub-menu of history
-Safari missing AutoFill feature
-All apps should have “text-to-Speech” feature (where text is read to you by Computer Voice
-Syncing issue with moving a repeating event as a one-time occurrence
of your choice – Apple should investigate the company Cepstral at www.cepstral.com for some of the best quality text-to-speech technology out there)
-inability to reorganize home screen apps' icons
-no iChat, which means no instant messaging, just text messaging
-no wireless sync
-if Safari on cpu is Safari on iPhone, why not have iPhoto and iCal on iPhone?
-no way to have a backup battery or two; Apple would actually make more money if they sold batteries
-Speakerphone and Vibrate are weak / Phone volume in general is not loud enough at all
-speaker gets easily covered when holding the phone in landscape mode, speaker should be on back of phone like a Treo, but much better quality than Treo and iPhone’s current quality (design flaw? Maybe…)
-No voice memos, voice dialing or call recording (voice recognition is just a must. Hands down.)
-Lacks video output to a TV (surprised they didn’t add this, at least on the dock)
-No disk mode
-iPhone can't be used as a wireless modem for your laptop
-Keyboard hardly rotates when you want it to, if at all
-Notes from iPhone doesn’t show up on computer (what I mean is there’s no way to edit the notes on your cpu and then sync/update it to your iPhone)
-Safari does not support Java, Adobe Flash, stored passwords, streaming audio or video, Windows Media files (except for some QuickTime videos) -- almost defeats purpose of “real internet in your pocket”
-Mail landscape view doesn’t work (landscape view should be “everywhere”)
-No Mark as Read feature for Mail
-no flags for important messages in Mail
-Can’t send media through SMS text
-inability to send a single text message to multiple contacts
-.net, www. button in keyboard would be cool
-Date doesn’t show, except for the Calendar Icon sorta shows you the date
-Calendar should work a lot more like iCal (colored event categories missing, landscape view missing, to-dos missing, ability to tap time to create event, month view should be in landscape mode with your events showing up on each day like in iCal and then user would just zoom in with finger tapping just like in Safari to view/edit event)
-Calendar not syncing correctly with iCal (at least for me using a Leopard seed)
-Can’t custom resize video or zoom in or create still
-Keyboard doesn’t rotate (landscape view should be “everywhere”)
-Notes doesn’t rotate (landscape view should be “everywhere”)
-needs a file browser to be able to open docs and images that you've synced to your phone.. somehow.. (isync support?)
-A file system needs to be apparent so you can easily do things like attach multiple files in an email
-gets scorching hot if left on bed while you’re using it
-Alarm doesn’t allow an alert message to attach with alarm (reminder) (except in iCal this might be possible)
-Weather app on home screen should change sun/moon/cloud images & temperature for your primary city without having to open the actual app, similar to how currently Calendar icon changes date without having to open app
-no Empty Trash function for e-mail and voicemail and more
-Bring back the white menu bar!!!! (we want to Save, Copy, Paste, Open, Undo, Print, Undo etc…)
-Printing app needed
-tapping on menubar time should show you date at all times
-inability to assign song to Alarm
-inability to delete photos in Photos except for your Camera Roll photos
-inability to move photos to other albums in Photos
-inability to delete photo albums in Photos
-inability to add new album in Photos
-can’t send files via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is basically useless right now because it’s only purpose is to use a headset and to see other Macs
-email is “non-landscapable” (landscape view should be “everywhere”)
-no free rotate in Move and Scale mode or anywhere for that matter (with photos)
-inability to add music to your slideshow
-iPod Cover Flow doesn’t show custom-made album artwork (.jpg,.png, .tif, etc)
-can’t log in to your YouTube account via YouTube app
-No undo, especially when editing your Contacts makes it a nightmare; Stuff should not be "completely deleted" until user is actually "done" editing.
-Add Field entries made under Contacts editing should be stored so user can easily use the entry again in the future
-Contacts need a default Comments or Notes label
-In Contacts, user should be able to move/sort/arrange custom labels to their liking
-option to hear sounds every time you press a button, not only keyboard, and the ability to assign the sound of your choice should be offered in Settings
-sometimes certain photos won’t show up (ONLY) in “Add Photo” mode when editing Contacts, you just get a black screen
-iPhoto should not come to front of screen when syncing (it does for me in a Leopard seed I’m using)
-Ability to check for new mail every minute, not a minimum of 15! (at least every five minutes)(if it drains too much battery for user, then that’s the user’s choice)
-Option to keep current screen on when phone is locked for a certain amount of time, like a Treo
-Wallpaper slideshow and video capability (if it drains too much battery for user, then that’s the user’s choice)
-entering two new addresses or places to go to in Maps is a nightmare
-maps should have different colored pins for destination point and starting point shown on the SAME map screen, a lot more user friendly
-external volume button should reverse up/down controls when in landscape mode so that left is softer and right is louder, makes more sense
-Cover Flow for tv shows and movies not available currently
-Smiley Faces for SMS texting would be a nice touch
-only texting & email have text suggestions, it should be everywhere as a preference
-iPhone should ask user if you would like to add new number to your Contacts after a new phone number has been dialed
-User should have ability to landscape video not just photos
-preview on inbox mail should have a clickable arrow to hide and show message preview
-long song titles in iPod don’t scroll left to right to see whole title (old iPods even used to do that)
-web addresses in Calendar should be clickable/linkable


-black-colored dock
-lyrics for ipod
-no engraving on back like iPods offered
-Can’t scan (wouldn’t that be cool?)
-would be cool if had guitar tuning capability
-mic should act as 2nd speaker when not used as mic (if possible)
-camera has no flash, zoom or true self-portrait mirror (Apple logo on back should be a flash!!! Seriously. It should light up like the back of a MacBook only when in use to save battery life. Back of phone should be a mirror for self portraits and for doing your make-up etc…)
-place additional camera on front of phone for video chatting
-Talking Language Translator
-Apple Branded iPhone goose neck car dock charger


If Apple thinks that they can intentionally leave “key” features out of the iPhone just to make us think that the iPhone2 is a “significant update”, then Apple isn’t the company I thought it was. Make your phone the “best” it can possibly be for the time it comes out. Don’t leave out “standard” smartphone technology that will make people think twice about trashing their Treo or Blackberry. Adding true GPS or upgrading the internal memory is a different story, but things like the inability to copy and paste, the inability to record video, and the inability to use voice dialing should definitely not be issues with iPhone’s release, especially due to the fact that Apple had more than six months to test the thing. I really hope Apple fixes a lot of these “flaws” immediately or else iPhone won’t be as successful and as respected as it could have been.

Just trying to help. Add to the list and help Apple out!

Thank You

Brian Judah
Proud Apple User


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Jun 20, 2007
Long Island NY
A Book of Defects?

Man oh man.
If I noticed that many flaws and it bothered me enough to type all that, I would have sold my iPhone 60 seconds after I bought it. :eek:Depressing.:mad:

But I happen to love my iPhone and find no fault with it.:D:):D


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Jul 6, 2007
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It should also be able to run World of Warcraft.

what's the finger gesture for unleashing a bow and arrow attack?


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Sep 13, 2002
Surrey, UK
-inability to choose day to start week on in Calendar like you can do in iCal
Is it set as Sunday, or Monday then?

-In Calendar, ability to "swipe delete" a message in list and month view
How do you delete a calendar entry?

-typing a message on MySpace is a nightmare because of the inability to scroll in a text window within a page. try it.
Use 2 fingers and scroll within the text window.

-inability to move events in Calendar
Can't you drag them around (in day view) to different times like you can in iCal?

-inability to email or surf web during a phone conversation
This isn't an iPhone "bug" or "flaw", it's the cellular network in general. It's true on AT&T in the States, and it's also true with GPRS on every network here in the UK (and maybe on HSDPA etc., I don't think it's just an Edge issue). You can always use WiFi.

-Isn’t the speaker & mic on BOTTOM of phone pretty useless when in dock? Don't know about this one.
No, it's not - the iPhone dock has a port underneath it to allow audio in/out.

I'd add:-

-Phone numbers/emails etc. not parsed in Calendar (or Notes?)
-Only 2 profiles (for alerts) with limited settings and customisation, could do with more
-Common punctuation ("." "," "?" "!") needs to be on main ABC keyboard screen
-Secure place for credit card details etc.


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Mar 18, 2005
I only have 3 requests

1) Make weather icon display current conditions/forecast
2) RSS feed icon that updates like email with a number depending on how many feeds have been updated
3) More color coding options in the calendar


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As a developer, I appreciate lists like that.

In fact, our internal applications have a feedback page, which gets mailed to us instantly. Often, we call the user right away and get more info. But even if we don't, we use the lists to figure out if there's a bug trend or a common wishlist, and put in the most asked for fixes or updates. Very handy!

In the software arena, the users' "squeaky wheel gets the grease" is absolute gospel.


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Jul 5, 2007
I'll add a few:

-Junk the Safari browser and give me FireFox
-Radar option in Weather Widget
-Quick ipod track info pop-up while in other apps (similar to rythmbox on linux)


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Jan 8, 2007
It should also be able to run World of Warcraft.

what's the finger gesture for unleashing a bow and arrow attack?
no! the phone is addicting enough as it is, like the blackberry. If they ported Warcraft and or Starcraft on this bad boy it would redefine "device addiction"

Although it would be pretty cool if they could get the original Starcraft to run on this thing. You could probably log on to Battle.net over wifi or edge also .. hmmm.

To the OP:
Most of your BUGS and FLAWS list belong on a wish list. To quote a common saying by the mods and GMs in the world of warcraft forums: "Working as intended".

Some of the things you point out are appealing to me however:

-inability to view companies in contacts list when contact person is filed with a company

-iPhone should have a sync button on the phone also i agree
-in calendar add ability to swipe delete

-add ability to move events in calendar

-no way to copy paste. I have to admit I was really surprised that you cant copy paste. Copy paste is as inherent to just about any OS as are wheels and seats to a car. You kind of expect a car to come with wheels and a seats.

-Speaker & Mic on BOTTOM of dock. The dock that comes with the iPhone has holes in the dock to allow sound to pass. I would complain about the speakers & Mic not working with other docking devices however most other docking devices don't work at all with iPhone to begin with so.

-inability to delete multiple email messages at once

-in settings, Mail should come after Phone if you want to keep in order of home screen Now that's just being too damn picky lol. How long have you been staring at the phone to notice that ? j/k

-need a backspace button desperately. I'm going to give the magnifying glass thing a bit more time, but I do find myself at odds without a backspace button.

-option to open safari links in new window ( I agree 100% )

-Text to speech (that would be pretty cool, especially for the iphone) but I don't see that happening until like iPhone revision E, and maybe not even then. I'm basing that prediction on the speed of development Apple has given toward speech technology on the Mac over the past decade.

-what is the deal with the battery anyway? I never really researched it. What's Apple's reasoning for not making this thing removable?

-no video out. (im not big on video on my iPhone but your right, this is supposed to be the best iPod ever made, so where is the video out?)

-a www. button would be nice i agree

-the weather app icon on the homescreen should show data (i agree 100% i hope they add this)

-printing app need (for god sakes man it's a phone not a PC! lol)

-ability to check mail every 1 minute ( i think we'll see a better functioning push email service for iPhone before Apple ever puts the 1 minute thing in as an option)

-inverse volume controls when in landscape mode ( i kind of agree with you here I'm still a bit odd about pushing left in landscape mode for the volume to go up)

-cant scan (are u serious?)

overall well thought out observations and wishful thinking :p


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Jun 18, 2007
I keep searching and I can't believe I haven't found more mentions of this bug than I have. But if you have a digital camera that automatically rotates photos for you (e.g. my Canon A590 IS has an accelerometer in it and knows when you are taking vertical oriented photos and will store them vertically automatically so you don't have to rotate them after importing them into your computer), the vertical photos will be incorrectly rotated when you sync them to your iPhone or Ipod Touch. That is to say, they will appear to face sideways in the vertical mode and when you turn the iPhone/Touch, they will then rotate to be incorrectly faced in the horizontal mode also. Photos that are from sources that are NOT auto-rotated (but are manually changed in something like Photoshop) DO face the correct direction, so I'm not sure what the problem is (are there flags for such things?). All Mac photo viewers, Photoshop and even AppleTV viewing them FROM iTunes all show the same photos correctly, so this is clearly limited to just the iPhone/Touch. I'm running the latest firmware, etc. too. From the few messages I HAVE found on Google about it, this problem has been present from the start and has never been corrected or addressed.

So basically, the Arizona photos I just took and dumped into my iPod Touch to show friends at work are all rotated wrong for the vertical photos I took yet they are correct in my Mac for all other photo viewers (including OS X's own finder previews) and my AppleTV which is using the same iTunes to send them to view around the house. So the question is why does all Apple's products EXCEPT the iPhone/Touch show them correctly? And if it's a bug why hasn't Apple fixed it in all this time?


Apparently, the problem is iTunes strips the Exif data from photos when it resizes them for the iPhone and iPod Touch and thus the iPhone or iPod Touch will not have a rotate flag and therefore the portrait photos will appear incorrectly rotated. This is a major bug in iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch and needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, Apple has shown zero interest in fixing it thus far.


Oct 27, 2007
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Official Post #14 (add to it!)

Complain much?

I think the best part is that after you typed a 10 page, single spaced essay (front and back) on what is wrong with your Apple product, you signed off as "Proud Apple User".