iPhone Bugs & Wishlist

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  1. bj3949 macrumors 6502

    Jun 30, 2007
    iPhone Bugs, Flaws & Wishlist

    -AT&T’s EDGE cellular network: "excruciatingly slow"
    -Making calls can be a 6 step process if phone is off.
    -halfway decent internal speakers for listening if you set the thing down
    -iPod games are not compatible with iPhone?
    -No way to copy/paste text, are you kidding?
    -Voice call quality good, but not great
    -Can't record video, are you kidding?
    -Songs can't be set as ringtones? I think this issue will change in iTunes 7.3 though
    -can’t download songs or movies from itunes directly from phone?? c'mon
    -memory is not expandable, No SD card slot
    -no GPS, but close
    -no SmartTyping for Safari OR looking up contacts??? c'mon
    -No Microsoft Office, no “Significant” 3rd party apps
    -Isn’t the speaker & mic on BOTTOM of phone pretty useless when in dock? Don't know
    -iPhone’s web should run on AT&T’s fastest web technology, NOT EDGE
    -“true” world phone? maybe...
    -No black dock
    -8GB is an amazing accomplishment for a phone, but a huge downfall in “iPod world” when iPods are up to 80GB now
    -"runs on Mac OS X" is a pretty much a lie, can’t open OSX apps, can't store/save files or edit, no folders
    -no iChat, which means no instant messaging, just text messaging
    -no wireless sync
    -no way to have a backup battery or two; Apple would actually make more money if they sold batteries
    -Speakerphone / Vibrate are weak
    -No voice memos, voice dialing or call recording
    -Lacks video output to a TV
    -No disk mode
    -Can only use one of 25 preset ringtones????
    -iPhone can't be used as a wireless modem for your laptop
    -Keyboard hardly rotates when you want it to
    -lyrics for ipod
    -camera has no flash, zoom or self-portrait mirror
    -Notes from iPhone doesn’t sync/show up on computer
    -Safari does not support Java, Adobe Flash, stored passwords, RSS, streaming audio or video (except for some QuickTime videos) -- almost defeats purpose of “real internet in your pocket”
    -no engraving on back like iPods offered
    -Mail landscape view doesn’t work
    -No Mark as Read feature
    -Can’t send media through SMS text
    -Can’t send same text to multiple people
    -Can’t scan (wouldn’t that be cool?)
    -Date doesn’t show, except for the Calendar Icon sorta shows you date
    -Calendar should work a lot more like iCal (event categories missing, landscape view missing, to-dos missing, ability to tap time to create event)
    -Calendar not syncing correctly with iCal (at least for me using a Leopard seed)
    -Can’t custom resize video or zoom in
    -Keyboard doesn’t rotate
    -Notes doesn’t rotate
    -needs a file browser to be able to open docs and images that you've synced to your phone.. somehow.. (isync support?)
    -A file system needs to be apparent so you can easily do things like attach multiple files in an email
    -gets scorching hot if left on bed while you’re using it
    -Alarm doesn’t allow an alert message to go along with your alarm (reminder)
    -Weather app on home screen should change sun/moon/cloud images & temperature for your primary city without having to open the actual app, similar to how Calendar changes date without having to open app
    -no Empty Trash function for e-mail and voicemail
    -would be cool if had guitar tuning capability
    -can’t send files via Bluetooth. What the hell is it on the phone for then besides headset?
    -email is “non-landscapable”
    -no free rotate in move and scale mode or anywhere for that matter (with photos)
    -iPod Cover Flow doesn’t show custom-made album artwork (.jpg,.png, .tif, etc)
    -can’t log in to your YouTube account via YouTube app
    -mic should act as 2nd speaker when not used as mic (if possible)
    -Bluetooth not finding any devices (at least for me)
    -No undo, especially when editing your contacts makes it a nightmare
    -Add Field entries made under Contacts editing should be stored so user can easily use the entry again
    -Contacts need a default Comments or Notes label
    -In Contacts, user should be able to move/sort/arrange custom labels to their liking
    -option to hear sounds every time you press a button, not only keyboard
    -ability to choose sound for a particular function, for example, say you didn’t like the “New Voicemail” sound, you should be able to change it like you can do in a Treo
    -certain photos won’t show up ONLY in “Add Photo” mode when editing Contacts, you just get a black screen
    -iPhoto should not come to front of screen when syncing (it does for me in a Leopard seed I’m using)

    If Apple thinks that they can intentionally leave “key” features out of the iPhone just to make us think that the iPhone2 is a “significant update”, then Apple isn’t the company I thought it was. Make your phone the “best” it can possibly be for the time it comes out. Don’t leave out “standard” smartphone technology that will make people think twice about trashing their Treo or Blackberry. Adding true GPS or upgrading the internal memory is a different story, but things like the inability to copy and paste, the inability to record video, and the inability to use voice dialing should definitely not be issues with iPhone’s release, especially due to the fact that Apple had more than six months to test the thing. I really hope Apple fixes a lot of these “flaws” immediately or else iPhone won’t be as successful and as respected as it could have been.

    Just trying to help. Please forward this to the appropriate department.

    Thank You

    Brian Judah
    Proud ADC Member
  2. i0Nic macrumors 65816

    May 17, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    With the calendar, there needs to be To-Do's included like in iCal.

    Also, needs a file browser to be able to open docs and images that you've synced to your phone.. somehow.. (isync support?)

    A file system needs to be apparant so you can easily do things like attach multiple files in an email.
  3. bj3949 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 30, 2007
    Thanks for the additions to my hopefully-not-neverending list of iPhone bugs.
    I updated the list as you can see :)
    I wish there was a way to feed this to the exact department neccessary to take serious note of these bug reports and wishlist entries.

    Note to everyone reading:

    Please add to my list of bugs and wishes.

    Thank you

    -Brian Judah
    Proud ADC Member
  4. redrider307 macrumors newbie

    May 1, 2007
    What about voice memos?

    You have a microphone, obviously... Shouldn't you be able to record audio? Maybe they're avoiding it because this would eliminate the need for devices like the iTalk...
  5. *Spitfire* macrumors newbie

    Jun 2, 2007
    iPhone's Monogamous Mail Client

    I suppose everyone has differing needs and expectations. Most of the listed issues weren't as important to me as they may be to others, but I did have one peeve of my own: the mail client on the iPhone doesn't appear to integrate messages from my mac account and my gmail account. I realize I can forward gmail to my mac account, but it seems so odd I'm sure I'm overlooking something that will make me feel dumb when it's pointed out. Otherwise though, I'd nominate this for the squawk list.
  6. Killyp macrumors 68040


    Jun 14, 2006
    Not sure what you mean about OS X. It IS OS X, however they have disabled the ability to run 3rd party apps directly in the OS, it has to be done through Safari...
  7. Roller macrumors 68020

    Jun 25, 2003
    Of all the shortcomings, the lack of calendar functionality is the most surprising to me: no to dos, no week view, not even a date search. I really hope that we start to see some third-party apps soon.
  8. knightflyer99 macrumors newbie

    Jun 30, 2007
    wish list

    1. More Memory
    2. SD card slot
    3. Voice Dialing
    4. GPS
    5. Word and Excel capability built in....and able to store files that you can call up and work on within memory.....
    6. able to make your own ringers and also capable of adding Itunes as ringers...
    7. did I say MORE MEMORY
    8. ability to add apps onto the phone....a lot of times I am unable to access wifi or the edge network so it would be nice to be able to use apps without having to be online.....
    9. the ability to call up the address book in email.....
    10 ability to connect the Iphone to my car stereo or like the IPOD able to play the videos and photos over a connected tv or larger monitor.....
    11...oh yes MORE MEMORY through internal and removable SD cards.....
    12. a quicken app.....or some financial app where I can keep track of expenses and banking.....
    13. Instant messaging....

    well those are the items on my wish list.....the Iphone is great but it can be improved,
  9. BostonMerlin macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2007
    keep in mind that if apple where to have implemented all of your requests none of us would have an iPhone... they would still be working on it. Being a software dev the typical process is to break deliverables up into phases. This is iPhone phase1. Some of the things you call "bugs/flaws" are actually requirements set aside for another phase of the phone by apple. They had to stop somewhere with what was to be implemented into the iPhones initial roll out. Its not like they said.. ya know.. lets not include cut/copy/paste because no one uses it. They prob. said lets have a few devs work on that to see how we can implement it w/out adding anything else that'll increase the learning curve... if we cant make it happen for phase 1.. move it to phase 2 etc..

    I do agree there are several glaring issues which hit me personally.. one of them being exchange sync.. but to be fair to apple.. they are not marketing this device to business folks. There are a few app crashes i hit every day or so which i expect apple to push out an update for.. those i agree should have been addresses early on in the QA cycle as it's not like we're installing 3rd party apps on the phone which might cause device instability.. the system is closed..those crashes should not be there... or at least happen as often as they do.

    Complaining about GPS is crazy.. sure it would be nice.. but my treo didn't have it.. and that's one of the more popular smart phones on the market. Having built-in gps sucks down juice and it shouldn't be at the top of a phase 1 release. Consumers can live w.out it for now.. it'll be there down the road i'm sure... if anything.. allow bluetooth access to a gps brick (like my old treo).

    You should expect a few updates over the next few months which should address many of the bugs (first) and maybe add a few features (Second) people are clamoring for.. features that for apple will entice more people to buy a phase 1 phone. I think apple hit a home run.. just like the iPod.. we'll see many improvements moving forward.. but most of what you dont like about the iPhone today is not a showstopper.. and if it is.. the phone was probably not marketed towards you. Enjoy what you have as it's the only phone like it in the world.
  10. markthai macrumors newbie


    Dec 11, 2005
    New York

    - sent a contact info via bluetooth to other phones
    - sent files or photos via bluetooth to other phones
    - sync via bluetooth
    - play any quicktime video attached from an email
    - Adobe Flash enable
    - camera white balance setting
    - camera scene option
    - video shooting
    - show other languages
    - google map should be able to select language (now it shows local language such as japanese when search for Tokyo)
    - GPS
    - automatically scroll option when reading news or any website
    - alarm enable when phone is off
    - stronger vibration in silent mode
    - increasing ring
    - pdf should show all fonts embedded
    - skype (well... at&t won't allow it i guess)
    - YouTube log-in function
    - sort stocks alphabetically
    - sort favorite phone numbers alphabetically
    - don't turn iPhone on when placing on dock if it is off before
    - reminder should ask what to do after unlocking (not just disappear......)
    - and all other good functions from other major brands which they are more than 3 times cheaper
  11. PowerFullMac macrumors 601


    Oct 16, 2006
    You lot, this is a PHONE not a laptop. More memory? IS 8GB NOT ENOUGH FOR A PHONE??????? Most of these are reasonable, but some are just over the top. As I said, its a phone.

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