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  1. CheateR92 macrumors newbie

    Nov 8, 2011
    I am looking to buy iPhone soon. I looked all the net and there are a lot problems with i5... What should I look for? I am looking for Verizon i5 because it is factory unlocked and I stay 3-4 months per year in USA. Most of the people complain about WiFi is it that bad? It is one of the most thing why I am going to buy iPhone, because they have or had one of the most reliable WiFi. I had 3GS now Samsung S3 but I don't really like Android and I miss my iPhone :D. Some others complained about huge battery drains. I am looking on eBay and not so on Craigslist. Have bad experience with Craigslist :D Last year I bought 4S looking perfect everything good but when I tried to restore it, it couldn't finish the restore and when I went to Apple Store they told me that it has water damage. No way to return and no protection on Craigslist from frauds. eBay seems to be most protected from this point. Also I can buy some blacklisted iPhone and to loose a lot. What happens if I buy Verizon iPhone and restore it and try to activate it with foreign SIM (Local or Overseas). Or if I buy AT&T i5 and unlock it via site or eBay?
    All ideas are welcome!
    Thanks in advance :)
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    Apr 1, 2013
    I agree with you on the Androids, had many in the past but always gone back to iPhone. :) . I have the iPhone 5 and very pleased with it in every way, apart from there is no slider for the charging port, like on the galaxy ace; i am endlessly pulling fluff out the port. I haven't had any problems with the Wi-Fi not working as it should, and the battery lasts over a day with a lot of use during the day. I previously had the iPhone 4, after the iPhone 5 came out I was debating between getting the 4s or the 5. I chose the 5 but it depends on which you really need, the main differences are the larger screen (3.5-4 inches), the processor (A5-A6), thinner design, more microphones and the lightning connector. I bought mine from the Apple Store however you’re likely to find one for cheaper elsewhere such as EBay or even 2nd hand.
  3. CheateR92 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 8, 2011
    I had 4S but I got on deal Galaxy S3 and I really liked the screen and camera..
    But iPhone 5 beats it :D I really like the new design of i5 and mostly the perfect optimization of iOS.

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