iPhone Camera Defective + Clicking Sound from the glass

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    Jun 25, 2010
    I just bought my iPhone 4 yesterday at my local Telus location. Everything seemed very perfect right until a few hours ago. I began to notice the camera app crashing (I would get the grey thing that shows before you see what the lens is looking at) and it would get stuck there until I exited and reopened.

    I thought just restoring would fix it. Before I got home from work, I also began to notice that the back glass was 'clicking'. I can just put a little pressure in the middle and I hear a quite loud 'click'. It seems to me like the glue didn't dry well or something like that.

    Then the camera stopped working completely. That grey thing will not go away. Tried a hard reset. No luck. Restored from backup, no luck. Restored from scratch, no luck.

    I downloaded a Flashlight app before the problems started happening, which allowed me to open up the LED flash. Once those problems started happening, I couldn't get the flash to work anymore. The app would completely bug, then it work un-freeze, the flash would light up, and then the app would re-freeze and the flash would go dark again.

    What do I do ? I payed full price for the phone, so I don't mind going back to Telus for a refund, and then going back to the Apple Store and buying it unlocked (again at full price). Could I just go to the Apple Store directly ? If they replace my unit, will they give it to me unlocked, or will they lock it back to Telus.

    Thank you very much
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