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    Apr 27, 2009
    I have posted this problem here before, but never received a response.
    I am a proud owner of an iPhone 4GB, yet I cannot seem to get it working properly. I had recieved this phone from a friend, as he knew I could do something with it. He had thought the screen was broken. Turns out only the glass was shattered and the rest functioned perfectly. I did not expect this as this phone was ran over by a Hyundai in January by an angry wife. The phone was out of commission since. I used the phone as a camera and web browser for a few days until I decided to do a full restore via the phone. It took 45 minutes to restore, and then asked to be connected to iTunes. When I got home in 20 minutes, I connected it. With no results. I kept screwing around with until I finally gave into Apple tech support. The guy was incredibly helpful, but could not figure out the problem. He advised calling AT&T, which I did. Most useless 20 minutes of my life. All they could tell me was to plug it into a computer. I have left it alone for a while. I have noticed that if I try to place an emergency call, and just keep hitting random buttons, it will bring me to a home screen and suddenly turn off. Any ideas? I just want to use it as an iPod. Thanks!
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    Please feel free to reply on the previous thread after reading the story of the phone here.
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    Give it up. No one is replying b/c we can't diagnose/fix you phone on a forum. Your phone was run over by a car. That it is not in a thousand tiny pieces is a testament to Apple engineering. "He's dead, Jim." Time to but a new phone.

    Please...no more bumps.

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