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    just got an iphone 6 because my iphone 4s couldnt read a sim card anymore. nothing is wrong with the sim card. i wanted to use my 4s for music and youtube (which i was doing for a couple of days without a sim) just to save battery life on my 6, but stupid me felt like restoring the phone for a clean slate with nothing but music in it. now i cant get passed the start up/set up screen because the phone requires a sim card.

    MYYYY question is, would i be able to get this issue fixed if i go in to the apple store? or is my 4s too ancient to be even bothered with?

    ps, im too cheap to buy an ipod touch but i am willing to pay to get it fixed ($50 or less)
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    bored.so I'm reading forum posts!

    if the sim card works in the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 4s will not work with any sim, then apple will likely charge you for the replacement, because it is out of warranty. but geniuses are known to look the other way. and depending on the individual genius, he might let you slide. maybe show him your new iPhone 6! or offer to buy apple care!! maybe he will like you and let you slide

    if its water damaged then they won't let you slide.

    if your device was or is jailbroken , they will refuse to help you

    if its their fault with the iPhone and you are out of warranty. they might let you slide to keep you as a happy customer. they have been known to do this.

    if u simply just need a sim card, then you can get sim cards for a penny it doesn't matter if it's activated

    i haven't recently tried erasing an iPhone and trying to set it up in iTunes or iCloud without a sim card. i thought you could just skip it and continue to use wifi or iTunes to do the setup. on my iPhones they still work without sim cards.
    but they are already setup. hmmm

    you know the 4s uses a micro sim, and the 6 uses a nano sim. your post did not say if you replaced the sim card or if you cut your existing sim. your post did not say how you made sure that the sim card was still okay in another device. considering that a micro sim from a 4s won't fit in a 6.

    if there is a chance that maybe the sim card was actually bad, like i said. all you need is some kind of sim card. it can be totally deactivated. it won't matter if it has service or not. the iPhone 4s will continue to work as an iPod
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    yeah apple says you need a sim card to activate the iPhone. it doesn't need to be an activated sim card. it can be any dead sim card from any network as long as the 4s isn't locked. but i am sure you know this

    yeah get an appointment with a genius, and pray real hard that he lets you slide. and he might replace your 4s for free.

    show him your iPhone 6 and your receipt! show him pictures of your kids! have your wife and kids with you! get on his soft side! and you might get lucky and have your phone replaced for free.

    i brought in my iPad 2 with glass breakage and i think i had an applecare on it.. and they replaced it for no cost and thanked me for being honest.
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    Thank you, I wanted others advice before I go in and ask them about it. My sim on my 4s works on my friends 4 and her sim did not work on mine so It wasn't a dead sim. Though I've dropped my phone countless times with and without a case on for the past 3 years I've been using it, it's in a pretty damn good condition. Glass never broke. But I guess internally, something went wrong. :(
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    i think you stand a chance of getting apple to repair it if its out of warranty
    they like to keep customers.
    its hit or miss. while i got them to comp me a new iPad 2, my brother had to pay $199 for his iPod touch

    with only $50 , it looks like you can buy a new logic board off of ebay and replace it yourself. but ifixit makes it look very difficult. you have to buy the logic board for the carrier you want, and to make sure the ESN of the new logic board
    is a clean one

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