Iphone can't sync. Grayed out button

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    I recently bought I use iphone that was factory reset. When I plug it on itune, I don't have any option other than updating and restauring it. The sync button is grayed out and there is no backup or cases to check under summary. ( sync on wifi ect.. )

    Here's what I tried and didn't work:

    - I rebooted both my computors and my iphone
    - I tried without the sim card.
    - I tried to set it up as new iphone
    - I tried to sync it with windows on my VMware. ( I get the summaries option but itune cashed before getting to add content )
    - I tried to downgrade Itune 12 from 11
    - I tried to turn off my Icloud
    - I tried this command ( I was desperate )
    sh-3.2# defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false
    sh-3.2# defaults write com.apple.iTunes AutomaticDeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

    I am waiting for a call from the apple service but I really doub they will relolve the real problem.

    *** You have to know that before I bought the new phone, it worked proprely. Problem happened wiith both phone at the very moment I connected the new one to itune ****

    I'm running Yosemit 10.10.1 && One on my phone as iOS 8.0.2 and the other one as iOS 7.XX && Itunes was 12, became 11 and re-updated to 12

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    Because it would come back to the same point ;) ... but I have good news. I solved the problem.

    The problem came right from the config file of itunes. Here's what I did.

    1- Close the itunes
    2- Go in : Macintosh HD ▸ Utilisateurs ▸ kobaq ▸ Bibliothèque ▸ Preferences
    or for englisg OS X:
    Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ {user} ▸ Library(?)▸ Preferences
    3- Locate the file name "com.apple.iTunes"
    4-Drag and drop it on desktop. ( Make it disapears from the folder )
    5-Reopen itunes.

    ** I didn't keep the file since it wasn't important.

    Problème Solved. :D

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