iPhone can't sync with iTunes

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  1. Linzinn, Mar 7, 2014
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    Linzinn macrumors newbie

    Mar 7, 2014

    I've been stuck with this strange problem since 2 days ago.
    Whenever I connect my iPhone to my laptop, iTunes does recognize it and my iPhone charges, but the iPhone isn't available to sync? My iPhone is just greyed out and there is an infinite loop. By the way my iPhone is jailbroken and now i can't even unjailbreak it. This is really frustating. You can find what i mean in the thumbnail.

    Please help me out community.

    EDIT 1: PS. Sorry for bad English. I'm not a native speaker.

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    Mar 7, 2014
    That isn't the problem, because I am able to sync another iPhone with just the same cable and usb port.

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