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    I used virgin mobile as my phone plan and have an optimus v android phone. I cancelled my plan b/c i moved to canada for a few months and virgin mobile is great b/c its a month to month plan and it cost me 35+tax which is 38.11 per month for 300 anytime minutes and unlimited text and internet. When i come back to the usa, i will need to have a cell phone plan again but no way will i ever use that optimus v phone ever again. Purchased it brand new for like 125 dollars few years back and it has been nothing but problems for me. Such as very slow and memory issues.

    I know iphone has many carriers such as T mobile, spring, att, virgin mobile etc. My question is why do ppl have those 80+ dollars per month charges with their iphone? Because i know with virgin mobile... its only 35+ tax a month thats 300 minutes and unlimited text and internet. 45+tax for 1200 anytime and unlimited text and web. 55+tax so basically 60 dollars for unlimited everything. The best part is its a monthly plan so you could cancel anytime and not get locked into a contract.

    If im not mistaken is Virgin mobile and t mobile the only 2 carriers where you can have an iphone plan thats monthly? Because i think t mobile has a monthly plan where you pay 50 dollars total for unlimited everything for the iphone? Or am i wrong here?

    I also hear ppl have att and have 80+ dollar a month plans along with sprint. Can someone tell me how their bill is this high? Because if you get unlimited everything... why is it that high? Is it b/c of paying for a lot of 4gb?

    For someone that wants to purchase an iphone and want a monthly plan.. is virgin mobile and tmobile my only 2 options? Also i know virgin mobile gives 2gb data a month and after 2gb... its no longer 3g and its 2g. But with t mobile i hear that its 500mb of 4g but once after that... you get 2g? So tmobile doesn't offer 3g internet for their phones but only 4g and then 2g? I also hear that if you pay 60 dollars a month for tmobile then its 2gb of 4g and then 2g after that?

    How does att and sprint does it?

    Because im thinking about buying a virgin mobile iphone that is either iphone 4 8gb thats 199+ tax or get the iphone 4s 16gb thats around 360+ tax or so.

    But if i buy that phone from virgin mobile, that means i can only use it on virgin mobile and not on another network? I hear this is a locked phone but i also hear a lot about unlocked phones. If thats the case... which iphone carrier is the most expensive then? Is it ATT, then sprint, then tmobile and then virgin mobile? Is the internet and phone reception of virgin mobile decent compared to those other 3 carriers?


    Also is there a reason why i dont see much ppl talk much about virgin mobile? It seems like most Iphone users their carriers are almost always att and tmobile. Would i be correct on this? Such as the most customers for iphone service would probably be

    1. At and T
    2. Tmobile
    3. Spring
    4. Virgin mobile?


    I also forgot to include verizon in there. I assume verizon is probably 3rd on the list? Is tehre any other carrier im not putting there?

    another thing is why do ppl do these 1 or 2 year contracts and pay 80+ a month? I never understood this at all. is it b/c the phone is free or it cost a little only whereas the monthly ones like virgin mobile u pay for phone but monthly cost is little?
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    Because not everyone places cost as a top priority. For me coverage where I need it is most important and Verizon meets my needs.

    That said, you need to decide using your priorities.

    That's commonly referred to as month-to-month or no contract.

    Not sure what you're asking. It costs that much because that's how much it costs. You can go to their sites and price it out and confirm.

    You can't rely on general discussions on coverage. You have to test out real world coverage where you need it. Or check with people in the area(s) that you're looking into.

    Virgin is a Sprint MVNO (and a subsidiary of Sprint) so their coverage will be identical to Sprint.

    Generally at&t and Verizon are regarded as the most expensive. They're the largest carriers in the US.

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