iPhone case with strap - the sort that doesn't need taking the phone out to use

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by roisin and mac, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. roisin and mac macrumors 6502

    Feb 3, 2008
    Hi everyone!! So, I finally have my iphone! Man, I'm so happy!

    I just need to find a case for it. Now there are lots of really nice ones out there, but I'm specifically looking for something that will have a strap attached, because on days when I'm wearing a skirt, I usually don't have any pockets for it to live while I'm using to listen to music, and simply holding it in my hand makes it too easy to drop if someone bumps into me in the bus or whatever :p It doesn't have to have an actual fixed strap; all I need is a little loop I can use for a keyring or one of those cellphone wrist straps. For the same reason, ideally it would be the kind that let you use the phone without removing it from the case, or you're back to square one when you actually need to use the controls!

    I don't really have a tight budget on this, although I don't think I'd pay for one of those swarovski ones that cost several dozen lol, but then again I don't like the look of those, so that could be why I don't find them worth the money :)

    So anyway, I would love to see everyone's favorites!
  2. Dizzler macrumors regular

    Apr 28, 2009
    Case with Strap

    Well, this is exactly what I have been looking for too, but have had no success at all. Some of my clothing is without any pockets and I don't always carry a purse around. I sure hope someone comes up with a solution because I won't buy a case without a strap. Even my old digital camera has one!
  3. V4705 macrumors 6502

    Mar 23, 2009
    i own this case:
    you can see at the top there are 2 holes to attach a regular strap

    i don't know what case exactly you can find in the US with this holes, but i hope this picture will help you to wide your search (not only for a build-in strap).

    good luck.
  4. SchneiderMan macrumors G3


    May 25, 2008
    Incase has a new leather sleeve with a lanyard case go check it out at goincase.com

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