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    I just finished downloading the necessary add-on for picture messaging (I'm jailbroken) on my 2G iPhone, and everything seems right, the button is there, and it allows me to add pictures, but it won't send.
    I went onto the website that directed me to it to find the cause, and it has to do with the fact that I have no inputted APN, Username, or Password for the MMS part of the Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network > MMS (at the bottom).
    However, while it shows me the APN that I need (wap.cingular), it does not show me the Username and Password. If those are individual, I need help figuring out mine. If not, I need the general ones, please.
    Furthermore, whenever I enter the (apparently) correct APN, return to < Network, and go back into Cellular Data Network, it does not show that I have entered the APN, it stays blank. The same goes for Username, and Password, if I enter either box at random.

    Please help me!
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