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Jun 11, 2009
hi, I am looking to purchase new headphones because I like in-ear, rather than the cheap'n'nasty ones that apple give you when buying iphone :p. I found this website which looks good for purchasing, but would like your advice on the best ones.

I have seen the top two options look good as I don't want to spend loads on them.
The jivo jelly ones look good for: price, untanglable wires supposedly, and colours.
The isound ones look better for sound quality and they have staff pick.

which of these is my best option, or is there others on the site you would recommend without spending loads! :p
thanks in advance


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Jun 9, 2009
Mich near Detroit
stop bumping you own thread

it's aganst the rules and a sure way to get it closed price isn't that great go too a local store buy a skull candy or similar done! Philips makes decent ones too these could be knock offs too I know nothing about the site!

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