iPhone compatibility with Volvo auto and Hearing Aid use

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by barrysharp, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I was lucky enough to get my hands on (i.e., I bought one) an 8GB iPhone yesterday at my local AT&T(Cingular) store. They apparently had 50 units and I got #45.

    I was very interested in checking out how well the new iPhone would work in my Volvo '07 S60R that has the Volvo Bluetooth hands-free kit that has voice commands and the Volvo iPod Adapter installed. I had been using my Treo 650 with the BT hands-free kit and it's operation was problematic at times. I currently use a 20GB iPod 2G in the car as well and it plays Playlist 1 thru 10, with 10 being a list that plays every tune on the iPod serially or randomly thru the car's HU.

    Also, I describe the iPhone's compatibility with my wife's hearing aids. This is a VERY important aspect for my wife.

    Regards... Barry Sharp

    Compatibility with Volvo's Bluetooth hands-free kit
    In two words - IT WORKS.

    The first thing of course is to make the iPhone BT discoverable via the iPhone Settings tab and navigating to Bluetooth (Settings > General > Bluetooth) and turning it ON. Then with car turned on to switch position II activate iPhone pairing via TALK > "Setup Menu" > "Pair Phone". The iPhone will now wait for BT connection and will display a window and keypad for entering the passcode of 1234 when Volvo's BT kit prompts for it. After "1234" entered on iPhone the Volvo BT kit announces "Pairing Complete. Connection in progress". Then a moment or two later Volvo BT kit announces "Connection is complete. Phone #1 ready for use." All done with pairing. Switch ignition off and put iPhone in standby mode.

    Turn ignition to II or start engine. Within moments Volvo BT kit announces "Phone #1 ready".

    Now you are all set to make & receive calls.

    I tried calling and that worked via voice commands flawlessly. I had my wife call me in the car and that worked flawlessly.

    Compatibility with Volvo's iPod Adapter
    In three words - IT WORKS KINDA.

    When connecting the iPhone to the iPod adapter it immediately displays iPhone accessory not capatible - or some such words. Then displays do you want to turn on/off Airplane mode for less interference ???? I selected NO. The iPhone will now play through to HU on playlist 10 (CD 10 TRK 1). Note that ONLY Playlist 10 can be selected either playing tunes serially or randomly. No other playlist 1 through 9 can be selected. The iPhone display the tune Name and cover graphics.

    While iPhone connected it can still be used for sending/receiving calls either through the BT hands-free kit or by using the iPhone itself.

    So, even though the iPhone is not fully compatible with the Volvo iPod adapter it's still functional but will only play Playlist 10. At least this is where I'm at with my little time researching this issue.

    In one word - IMPRESSIVE. This is a Rev A iPhone and it works flawlessly with the Volvo BT hands-free kit and is usable with the iPod Adapter. I was not expecting things to work as well as they did.

    Hope this helps others who are reviewing the Apple iPhone.

    Wi-Fi and AT&T's EDGE
    BTW the iPhone's Wi-Fi and AT&T's EDGE internet works extremely well and Wi-Fi (Free at Tully's coffee shops) performance is excellent and AT&T's EDGE is a very good and respectable second choice.

    Hearing Aid compatibility
    Oh - and one last thing that is VERY important to me and especially my wife. My wife wears hearing aids on both ears as a result of losing some hearing capabilities during child bearing. Cell phones are atrociously bad with background electronic hums and buzzes. My wife first tried the iPhone with her hearing aid switched to telphone mode. The result was lots of humming and buzzing although she could hear my voice - but the overall experience was annoying for my wife and she gave a thumbs down . The next test was using the iPhone without her switching the hearing aid to its Telephone mode. This worked flawlessly and the sound volume was great for her and completely void of any humming and buzzes. She was very impressed with the sound quality and could hear very well even with me whispering at my end into my phone. She gave a big thumbs up . I do believe my wife will be getting a new iPhone so she can enjoy all of its capabilities - especially its use in the car with the Volvo BT hands-free kit.
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    Oct 3, 2007
    iPhone & Volvo iPod Connector


    Today we got our new Volvo V50 2.4i (2008) with iPod Connector ! Great car !

    As an addition to the main post: I connected my iPhone 1.1.3 (8Gb) to the iPod connector and got the same message about compatibility. Also said No to the Airplane question.

    1) Disable Random playback still shuffles songs
    When disabling the random playback from the Volvo audio / ipod menu, songs are still being played random. I used both the controls on the steering wheel, the playback arrows on the audio installation and the turn knob. That made no difference.

    2) Browsing through folders locks buttons / iPhone ?
    When browsing through folders with the playback buttons on the Volvo audio system, pressing a 'wrong' button results in a 'lock-up' in the menu. The 'Enter' button doesn't work anymore and the display occasionally displays ' Folder does not contain songs. Press Exit to .....'.

    The solution was to disconnect the iPhone and then reconnect. Everything works fine until you press the 'wrong' button (i'm not sure which) or select a 'wrong' item from the menu on the display. Again I'm not sure what exactly causes the problem.

    UPDATE: The manual is not correct when it comes to the use of the folder browsing buttons. The translation from English (or whatever language was primary) to Dutch is not correct.

    UPDATE: Tonight I will follow the same steps but then with a new iPod Nano: With the iPod Nano (3G) (firmware version 1.1) browsing works fine, no menu lockups or error messages. It appears that the iPhone (or the Volvo connector) has some compatibility problems.
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