Iphone Contacts and Phone numbers

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by rcspott, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. rcspott macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2011
    When you sync an Iphone is there a difference between phone numbers from vz back up and bring additional file in from Outlook 2000 via a CSV file. I'm having fits. All my numbers on my old razr were stored as last name first and all my Outlook contacts first name first. I tried the csv file sync and doesn't want to recognize all my contacts and it is a different number recognized each time I try. I've got one big mess going on. I use yahoo mail. I just want a very simple email and calendar program that talk to each other.

    Should I upgrade outlook?
    Buy an Mac computer?


  2. JamesMB macrumors 68000


    Jan 2, 2011
    I read your post, and I still don't understand what you are trying to do. If you are trying to get the contacts from outlook on your phone, select sync contacts from Outlook in iTunes.

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