iPhone Contacts Bugged Birthday's

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  1. Picavet macrumors newbie

    Jan 17, 2009
    Salute data redditaque!

    I am using
    -MacBook Pro (2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 duo)
    - MacOS X 10.5.6
    - iTunes 8.0.2
    - Address Book 4.1.1
    - iPhone 3G 16Gb
    - iPhone Software version 2.2

    Problem =1=

    I add on my iPhone a contact and try to enter her birthday

    05 July 1937

    The day wheel spins back to 01

    This problem only rises with the date 05 July 1937

    The program will accept 05 July 1938 or 05 July 1936, or 05 Jun 1937, etc.

    Problem =2=

    I add on my iPhone two Contacts, one with birthday

    20 May 1931

    the other with birthday

    01 Jul 1937

    Later on, I connect my iPhone to my MacBook Pro.

    iTunes syncs with Address Book (and with iCal) on my MacBook Pro

    Birthdays found in Address Book (and in iCal) on my MacBook Pro:

    19 May 1931
    30 Jun 1937

    Why was a day substracted (or added, depending on your standpoint)?

    To solve the problem, I changed the dates in my Address Book on my Mac, synced my data with the iPhone, and the correct dates show in Contacts on my iPhone.

    To test the system, I change the 05 July 1937 date to 05 July 1938, and then try to set it back to 05 July 1937. Again: the day wheel spins back to 01 (see problem =1=).

    Is this a bug in the system, or is my iPhone the only victim?

    Pax tibi!
  2. drunifex macrumors member

    Nov 18, 2008
    Exact same problem here. I believe its one of the following issues
    1 a timezone issue. The birthdays are being stored in the US timezone and when your significantly away from their timezone (eg Australia) it screws up. 2 its an epoch issue (macs and PC's use different epochs)
    3 Timezone issue. This is testable by putting dates in across the whole year and seeing if they are all get mangled. When i noticed this before it was almost definately caused by this as the window of errors was only in the weeks between time shifts that occurred in the US and Australia.

    However, don't expect a fix anytime soon if your not American as only American customers count.

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