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    Hello, I have a paid subscription to MobileMe and I do not sync my iPhone via iTunes, but use the pver the air sync to maintaing my contacts, calendars and bookmarks.
    Suddenly this morning most of my contacts in my iPhone are mess up.
    My favorites show names of other people and merged data from other contacts.
    I remoed the mobileMe account from my iPhone and added it again, and after doing that the contacts are back to what they were but with duplicate entries. Are you also experiencing these type of issues?

    I am suspecting/afraid that this cloud transition is going to be mess.
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    I am not having any problems and I am on iOS 5. Also, no problem with 3 other devices in the house.

    I recommend you login in to www.me.com and verify that the Master Copy of your Contacts File is good. Remember that your phone is just a copy of the master. If the me.com is good then verify you do not have multiple copies on your phone coming from multiple locations. Go into Contacts and in upper left you should see Groups. Hit that and check that out. To remove the Contacts from your phone go to the Settings / Mail, Calendar.... and for the Account you have a problem with TURN OFF Contact Sync. It will ask if you want to delete the contacts from the phone and you say yes. Then when you go back to Contacts it should be empty. If not empty then that is the problem. Again, do not do this if me.com is not completely accurate. Then you would turn Contact Sync back on in a very short time it will re-download your contacts from MM.

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