iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1)

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    I've been having some trouble with my iPhone over the past couple of days. It has been randomly slowing down, freezing up, and lately I've had to do a couple of hard restores.

    Tonight I was out and noticed that it said that no SIM card was installed. I use Verizon so, to my knowledge, there shouldn't be a SIM card in there. After a few hours of trying to hard restore it, it finally came back on but only for 5 minutes before going black again for good.

    Nothing I do can make it boot back up. When I plug it in, iTunes immediately tells me that the phone is in recovery mode. I have tried to boot it up regularly and I believe that I have tried it in DFU mode a few times. It still goes about 70% of the way before giving me the error message that I mentioned in the title. I have tried restarting, changing USB ports, everything. There's no anti-virus program installed on my computer.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I would really appreciate it!
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    Op error 1 is a hardware failure.

    The apple store will try 2 things..

    1, restore

    2, dfu restore

    If both fail they will offer you a replacement if you have AppleCare or an out of warranty replacement.
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    Your Verizon iPhone 5 does have a SIM card.

    If you type http://gs.apple.com/ into your browser, does it take you to Cydia or a "placeholder" page?
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    Did you try using a different cable? I've found sometimes that can solve the issue, also make sure you're using an OEM Apple cable not a third party one while doing the restore.

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