Iphone crashes windows xp


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Jul 21, 2007
Everytime I dock my iphone my windows xp crashes. Works fine on my vista laptop but not xp desktop. I've reinstalled itunes and also bought a 4port powered usb 2.0 hub but it still crashes. Any ideas?


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Jun 10, 2007
why not try the almighty VISTA!!! *rolling eyes*
he already did.. works fine..

try disabling any antiviruses or firewalls
itunes likes to open up weird ports on your computer as well as modify sys files in the background, your other programs may not like it that much

if itunes wasnt coded so badly it would crash less.


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Jul 2, 2007
yeah i guess windows users only have itunes to judge the entire operating system by. i'm sure it has NOTHING to do with that PC that was built in someones dank basement in the middle of Iowa.


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Jul 21, 2007
the iPhone is doing you a favor...get a mac
LOL.... I have both and haven't had any issue whatsoever with itunes on XP... If it wasn't for my music studio apps I wouldn't even have a PC anymore... (rubs hands and waits for wifes approval of new mac pro)


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Sep 2, 2008
problems with imaging drivers

I was having the same problems and narrowed it down to two potential problems. The issue seems to be an imaging or printer driver. In my case
uninstalling my HP printer (and updating my logitech web cam drivers) fixed the issue.

To narrow down the problem try:

* update the drivers to any imaging devices and printers ( e.g. webcams, digicams and printers).

* Alternatively try uninstalling your printers and imaging devices and seeing if that fixes the problem. Then re-install the software one by one until you find the conflicting device.

Hope that helps.



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Sep 26, 2008
iphone 3g 16gb crash my windows xp

hi .
i`ve had the same problem z my iphone .i have got build in camera in
after pluging in to usb xp was instaling drivers for new still camera:confused::eek: and then ....
crush crush crush:confused::confused::confused: over and over againg
i spend hours over he phone with apple:apple: they were useless

in the end of the day i have foud the solution download the lates drivers for my build in camera and that was is to be honest

but you don`t find them on the acer web site

you need version diver
just google it .
its for logitech camera on acer

hope it helps

Dr. Cabrera

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Aug 25, 2008
Los Angeles
It's not the iPhone it's your computer

My desktop and laptop (both vista machines downgraded to XP) run flawlessly with my iPhone and iTunes.


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Sep 30, 2008
what are you people talking about

Please people...give me a frigging break and wake up!

How can you flat deny a software problem with Apple when it' clearly a bug that Apple themselves have openly acknowledge on their website and are trying to fix this very moment!

Wake up people and take the blinders off. If you want to go to bed with Apple that's fine but it's Apple's QA that sucks here.

I'm still waiting for them to fix this crash issue with ITunes 8 on Vista (and obviously XP). All was working just fine in the same situation with ITunes 7 so whatever they did not test, I surely hope they come out with a bug fix very soon because mine STILL crashes the instance I plug the damn thing into my Vista OR XP machine running ITunes 8.

Apple, guess what, your OS is not the only environment to QA for! Wake up! The rest of the world isn't going to sit here and listen to your wines about Microsoft.

We should not have to QA our whole PC to find out what workaround will let us use IPhone with ITunes 8. Apple should produce a software package that WORKS in a Windows Environment plain and simple. If a product is this buggy, then who in the hell will want to use it!


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Sep 14, 2007
Bay Area, California
Everytime I dock my iphone my windows xp crashes. Works fine on my vista laptop but not xp desktop. I've reinstalled itunes and also bought a 4port powered usb 2.0 hub but it still crashes. Any ideas?
Okay just to set it straight. Apple has caused this not windows, your drivers or your printer. Apple is to blame! So that said on to solutions.

1st if you have an HP printer plugged into your comp. then just make sure you turn it off whenever you dock your iPhone. There is no good reason to uninstall your printer and the driver for it. Just remember to turn it off thats all.

2nd if you have an web cam hooked up to your comp make sure that it has the most up to date driver installed.


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Jul 29, 2010
iphone crashing PC is apples fault not PC

It's a garbage answer that plugging in an iPhone crashes a PC and it's the PC's fault.

With no webcams installed the pc crashes when the iphone is plugged in, but if apple mobile device is uninstalled, the problem goes away, until the next time I want to synch the iPhone or buy a song off iTunes and have to install iTunes all over again, and the problem reoccurs the next time I plug in the iphone with apple mobile device is installed.

All the outdated drivers in the world don't crash the machine until I plug in the iPhone. That makes it Apple's problem. It's 2010 and even with the latest iTunes a 3G iPhone crashes PC's because Apple won't address the problem.