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Jun 20, 2007
"The pre-approved credit code mut be either a 9 -digit, 12- digit or 13 - digit number"

So, after waiting 12 hours to get the damn thing, I get home attempt to set it up my iPhone..and whats this? I get a message saying I need to visit the ATT store!! I call customer service and they say I needed to do a credit check and the only way I could do this was in store. "I thought i was able to do this in itunes?" I ask, "yes" says the rep, " but they're supposed to give you a pre-approved code". SO I wait till the next day, go to the ATT store bright and early. The guy tells me I may need to pay a $250 dollar deposit, he runs my credit...it says '0 deposit' and he gives me a ref ID. Excited, i hop in a cab, head home fire up itunes do the whole set up again, put in the registration code only to get:

"The pre-approved credit code mut be either a 9 -digit, 12- digit or 13 - digit number" (the number he gave me was 14)

Pissed off, I called the ATT store, and talk to same guy who had "helped" me earlier at the store, he tells me "oh yeah, thats an issue we're having...they are generating longer strings of pre-approve codes and itunes isn't recognizing it. I forgot to mention, should be fixed this afternoon"

WHAT?? ARRRRGH! So now I sit here and iWait. what the hell is going on ATT???!! You have 6 months to get your **** together!
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